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  1. Unfortunately, I do not know. We had a verbal agreement to return, but they never signed the contract so we are not returning
  2. Big thanks to the players who showed. It was great meeting all of you. Congrats to @LeifErikson on taking home the title! Full results here: https://challonge.com/c8aww1cp
  3. Current signups: Dan OConnor Tristen Larson Igot5onit Darij Aho LeifErikson The Haynesian Theory
  4. EVENT INFO Dates: April 7, 2019 Location: The Pourhouse, 10 South 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE 100% of entries go into prize pool 11:30am – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) – $20 Entry fee 1:30pm – NHL ’94 (Sega Genesis) – $20 Entry fee 3:30pm – NBA Jam T.E. (Sega Saturn) – $10 Entry Fee REGISTRATION http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-season/2019-the-pourhouse-retro-sunday/
  5. Come join us Friday night in Philly at Too Many Games for an NHL '94 tourney! June 22, 2018 6pm Entry Fee: $20 Console: Genesis Registration: http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-season/toomanygames2018/ Rules: http://retroworldseries.com/info/gameplay-rules/versus-tournament-rules/#nhl-94 Live Stream Channel:
  6. The goal is to keep it as simple as possible. We are going to be having a lot of tournaments and have a limited amount of time. We are also going to experts playing as well as novices, so we want to keep the team selection process as easy as possible. There's no perfect way, and if the coin flip doesn't satisfy enough people that actually play in the tournament, we can definitely look into adjusting the rules.
  7. For example, if 64 people sign up for the NHL 94 tournament, then the group round would consist of 16 groups of 4 players. The top 2 in each group would move on to the single elimination bracket, so the 1st round of the elimination bracket would be Round of 32. With the coin flip, most often the winner will choose to select the team rather than home/away, but if you do win the coin flip, you do get first choice in team or to be home/away. You can't pick the same team. So if you and I played, and I won the coin flip, I'd choose to select my team first (e.g. Penguins). Then you get to choose who is home or away and then your team.
  8. The Satellites events are not restricted to a specific format. The difference between Tecmo Madison and the rest of our events is that we are partnering with Tecmo Madison to make it a Satellite event. We have no intention of changing what they do. The other events are being hosted by the RWS at various conventions in large booths we've rented. Since we are having three at each convention, and each convention is only two days long, we are restricted due to time constraints on the format we can have. Tecmo Madison is an established tournament dedicated to one game that lasts all day, so they are fully capable of having the format that best suits them. For example, if we were to partner with King of 94 to make it a Satellite event, there would be no change to its format at all. As far as the 94 tournament at the Main Event, there will be a group round robin of four players in each group. Each player in a group will play each other once. The top two in each group will advance to the single elimination bracket. The semifinals and finals (the last 4 players) will play on that Sunday when all of the semis and finals will be played.
  9. LOL Can't have them all in one year. The great thing about retro gaming is there's literally hundreds of good ones to choose from, so if this is successful this year, we can keep adding new games year after year. Bad News is on the list.
  10. You don't have to play in the Satellites to enter the Main Event. The Satellites do allow you to win prizes, win entries, and earn points towards the POY award which has a cash prize.
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself. I've created a new series of events called the Retro World Series. The big Main Event at the end of the year will have an NHL '94 tournament. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 01/21/2016 Today, Hal Hawkins announced the first inaugural season of the Retro World Series. There will tournaments held across the country at various events as Satellite Tournament with the season finishing off at the Main Event on August 11-14 in Houston, TX (Thursday-Sunday). "I hope to create an opportunity for recreational and serious retro gamers alike to be able to take part in an event that's both fun and competitive," said Tournament Director Hawkins. "The retro gaming community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the Retro World Series wants to give this community the ability to enjoy retro games throughout the year with a great, big finale at the end." The Main Event will feature 12 versus tournaments for Atari, NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. The Satellite Events will consist of high score, speed run, and versus tournaments.Players who compete in the events will earn points towards the Player of the Year award with a big cash prize awarded at the end of the Main Event to the winner. The Satellite Tournaments will be free to enter with prizes awarded to the winner and runner up. The winner also receives an entry into the Main Event tournament of their choice. Gameplay at the Satellite Tournaments will be recorded and uploaded after each event. The Main Event will be a $26 tournament entry. Cash prizes will be awarded in the Main Event, including trophies to each tournament winner. The Main Event will also be live streamed. There will be vendors and free play arcades at the Main Event, so guests and spectators are invited to join as well. If you're an interested gamer, vendor, sponsor, or just want to come watch, visit www.retroworldseries.com to get more information and sign up. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retroworldseries Twitter: @RetroWrldSeries Website: www.retroworldseries.com Hal Hawkins Tournament Director (979) 224-2660 hal@retroworldseries.com ----- smozoma: here is additional links/info Game rules: http://retroworldseries.com/2016-season/main-event/tournaments-2/ Schedule: http://retroworldseries.com/2016-season/main-event/ Prize amounts: http://retroworldseries.com/2016-season/prizes/(top 8 get prizes) You can enter multiple tournaments, so if you want to be in the RBI baseball or whatever tourney, too, you can, although you pay for each tourney If you volunteer as a judge, you get food and a free entry into one tourney
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