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  1. I'm GoCanes21. Don't ask me why I picked Titans when signing up for a hockey forum haha. Carolina Hurricanes LW - Fleury C - Roberts RW - Oates LD - Schneider RD - Manson Extra attacker - Lindros First Forward - Semak First Def - Lowe Goalie - Moog
  2. Carolina Hurricanes please. Is it possible to make them have black jerseys like in the playoffs instead of red ones? Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys. DSGamby, I guess what I'm trying to ask is will entering the career stats for modern players mess things up, or will NHL Info and the game support only entering in a certain number of games. I am trying to decide whether to go about putting in entire career stats, so would NHL Info and the game be fine with entering in the career stats of for example 890 career games played by Sidney Crosby, or do I need to stick with entering in last season's stats for 82 games? Thanks.
  4. Ok, fair enough. Thanks for the responses guys!
  5. Thanks for these! Teuvo Teravainen on the Hurricanes is number 86 and left handed by the way. Wanted to let you know. Also, do you know how it would work for the game for entering an entire career of stats for players in NHL Info as opposed to how it seems in the original game, where it's not really career stats, but just the season before?
  6. How does this work when it comes to Gens/RetroArch? It's my first season in league, so Retroarch is fine with me, even though hosting I have to do relay. For those who are used to Gens, I've noticed some are flat out refusing to use Retroarch. Gens is way more complicated to set up than Retroarch. How will checkpoints work if some won't play on Retroarch? The dpads on my 360 and Logitech controllers both do not even work right on Gens.
  7. I hope I can do this, but can I change my pick to Calgary? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, got it kind of figured out. Couldn't get the palette straightened out with trying to import a gif into rink file.
  9. Checking out some rink editing, is it possible export the current gif/picture that is in the QFS file so that you can edit that? I saw an updated pack of rinks, including Carolina's that I wanted to export the picture and tweak? Also, does anyone have a palette list of supported colors for the rink? Thanks for the great work!
  10. Thanks! I'll try it out after work.
  11. Can you post the link where you downloaded NHL 95 and then the steps you took to play it? I know it's a pain haha, but I was able to get NHL Hockey going. So weird that it basically goes to a black screen when doing the same steps for NHL 95. I'll try the steps on this link after I get home except I'd need to change out letters in drives probably:
  12. Is anyone else having problems running this game in DosBox? NHL Hockey has worked just fine, but not NHL 95. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I've been a member for a while on this site, but just registered for this season's fall league. Looking forward to it. My name on Discord is GoCanes21, so can my username be changed to that on here? Also, I'll check discord later this week to see about playing a Retroarch game to get confirmed for the league. Thanks for the great work!