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  1. I saw that thread actually and super cool and great job with those logos! How did you edit them though? When I opened the zip file I couldn't figure out how to edit the pro set logo. Also will this work with the ROMs that are more than 30 teams? Additionally what about the in-game logo where the clock counts down where normally the EA logo I believe is there? Thanks again!
  2. This was probably answered somewhere else, but I couldn't find the specific post to spell it out for me I guess. I was wanting to see how to change the logos for the three items listed in the title. Any links or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. GoTitans21

    Online exhibition stats

    Thanks for the resource information guys! As for the offline side of things, the 3.0 Gens stat tracker doesn't seem to work on Windows 10 as a run time error comes up when trying to import the game. Does anyone know if there is another version of this in the works or if there is a different program that works with custom ROMs? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I saw the stickied topic about online league stats. I was wondering about getting stats in exhibition games I play against other people online. If possible, how could I go about doing this? Thanks.
  5. GoTitans21


    Is it too late for a noob to join? I set up and played an exhibition game last night and it worked well, so I at least have that to go on. Also are any other leagues are going to start soon? And any plans for a league with the teams as they actually are like for Skip's or Naples ROMS without a draft? Thanks!
  6. GoTitans21

    The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    I did indeed. I got Hamachi downloaded and made an account. I just haven't found anyone able to play when I've tried Discord. I've played using Gens offline. If only there was a more modern solution since the Gens emulator runs choppy at times, it seems like no matter what settings I run on. I have Ubuntu installed on my PC as well and it runs so smooth with that with Retropie. If only we could incorporate that as an option for netplay, even though I haven't tried it. Anyways, are there any non draft leagues that have line changes on that are planned for the near future? I just think it's cool having to incorporate line changes as part of your strategy. Thanks.
  7. GoTitans21

    The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Been a long while since I actually signed in here I believe. Super appreciative of all the hard work on the ROMS, including Coach Mac's '80 ROM, and Skip and naples' current ROMS! Would really like to get into some online play. I messaged on Discord with a guest account over the weekend, but no one was up for playing I guess. Are there any plans for a league for Skip's or naples' current roster ROMS? I saw a draft league just started. Anyways, go Canes even though it's been a rough season and hopefully I can get into some online gaming with this community. Thanks.
  8. GoTitans21

    working on Ninety Flow 2015-2016

    Works great! Thanks a lot! By the way, is there a way to play a full season at all in NHL 94? I've only seen ways to play in the playoffs.
  9. GoTitans21

    working on Ninety Flow 2015-2016

    Is there a way to change the color to that green color under your player? It's very hard to tell which player you're actually controlling on defense.
  10. GoTitans21

    working on Ninety Flow 2015-2016

    Seemed very good when I checked it out! Thanks for the hard work!
  11. GoTitans21

    NHL16 ROM - Midseason Update by Skip

    Just joined this site, and great ROM! I was hoping though is there a way to go about playing a full season with one team? I just haven't been able to figure that out since there's always a team you have to face in the other slot. Thanks!
  12. GoTitans21

    working on Ninety Flow 2015-2016

    I care! Joined this site to get some NHL 94 ROM updates. About to test out your playoffs edition from last year.