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  1. weekendroady

    Eliteserien 95 & 96

    I own copies of both but don't have a PAL Mega Drive to play them on - so they go into the Retron 5 for now when I want to play them. Always loved the Swedish take on the 16-bit NHL series, a lot of fun really. I also own both Elitserien 2001 and SM Liiga 2001 for PC, both of these (didn't matter if you had the Swedish or Finnish release) added the Elitserien and Liiga to NHL 2001 for the PC.
  2. weekendroady

    Who collects hockey video games?

    Since this is a more NHL 94-centric collective, I'm sure you'd appreciate this, I got it a few years ago from a seller in Japan, its actually pretty difficult to find complete (and relatively affordable). The included the tea with the game lol NHL 94 was the only release of the EA series for the Super Famicom in Japan. The in-game text is actually fully translated into Japanese which is pretty remarkable for any U.S. sports game port.
  3. weekendroady

    Who collects hockey video games?

    NHL Hockey has three cover variants for North America: Notice the differences in the "introductory bar" at the top of each cover. One is "Electronic Arts", one is "EA Sports" and the other is "EASN Presents". The last two also have a white border around the action shot. I don't believe the carts or manual art changed though - just the covers. NHLPA 93 (both SNES and Genesis versions) have the "EA Sports" and "EASN" variations. Not sure what is more "rare" to be honest, but I the "Electronic Arts" version is easily the most common.
  4. weekendroady

    Who collects hockey video games?

    I do have 6 copies of NHL 94 myself, variants being the two Genesis ones (two limited, one the regular release), the SNES copy (2x) and the Japanese Super Famicom copy - which was a pain to get at a decent price, but mine is complete and in great shape. So @kingraph you don't seem to be missing anything to my knowledge on your list. I'd like to track down those CD copies but have yet to own a Sega CD so I'm not as motivated to grab those yet... @CoachMac I do have both the SNES variants of NHLPA 93. Another annoying label variant that year was for NHL Stanley Cup, green and blue text on the spine of the label. As for other EA games during this 92-95ish time period, I have cart-only copies of Championship Hockey for the Master System and Game Gear. Those were EU releases only and basically the 8-bit version of the original NHL Hockey with international teams. I also have EA Hockey for the Mega Drive, the international team version of NHL Hockey. I have the regular game and the EA Sports Doubleheader version (which includes EA Hockey and John Madden Football on the same cart). For the 95 releases I have pretty hard to find Complete-in-box copies of NHL Hockey 95 for Game Boy and NHL Hockey for Game Gear. The Game Boy versions of the NHL series are so terrible... I also have both Elitserien games (2x of both). When my hockey buddies come over to play games we almost always play a game of Elitserien 95 or 96. Have to use the Retron5 since I don't have a modded Genesis/Mega Drive.
  5. weekendroady

    The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Long time lurker here - if any of you visit Nintendoage you'd know me as the hockey collector over there. I have around 250 different hockey games and variants. Just over a year ago I "discovered" a NHL series cover that hadn't been documented yet on the searchable internet, NHL 2000 with Richard Šmehlík on the cover (only released in Czech Republic). Just looking to meet other NHL series enthusiasts and collectors.
  6. Hey all, Long time lurker, big time hockey game collector. Just want to find more people out there who collect hockey games in general. I have around 250 different games and cover variants right now. I know of a couple others on the interwebs who collect hockey games specifically as well, but figured I might run into some others here...