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  1. I mainly designed the editor off Madden 93, which obviously had no player names, just numbers. Luckily all player attributes were literally in sequential order based on team name. Madden 98 has the player names in a completely different position in the rom. Realizing this is going to take a bit longer than I thought but I'm working on it....
  2. I was able to locate the player names in Madden 98, currently working on updating the editor to display and update the names.
  3. I have to tell you guys, seeing posts like this means a lot, thank you. I'm glad I was able to help you guys with the editor. I couldn't stand when Madden introduced the 'sticky blocks' in PS1.....always loved the originals
  4. I agree with you, that's the main reason I developed the editor for Genesis. I will look at the SNES version, I'm curious now. But yes, definitely possible, I'm assuming the player attributes will be in different places which will take some figuring out. One of the other members asked about updating the names in Genesis 98 so I'm currently working on that now. But I will def look into the file structure of SNES Madden 98......
  5. Yes, that's the link, scroll down to the bottom and you will find this link: '17
  6. If you can, thanks........I'm seeing v1.5, just guessing I forgot to change the version number
  7. LOL....yep, that was the site! This is awesome. I always hoped for one review on the romhacking site, was hoping what I put out there helped ppl, this is so good to hear!
  8. This site hasn't been active in years but I figured I'd post it if anyone was interested. Not sure what happened but I think the guy running it ran into some health issues.
  9. If there's anything I can do to adjust the editor to incorporate the names in Madden 98, please let me know. I got the editor working for 98 and didn't have much more time to finish it, a family member became very ill and I didn't have any time to finish it.
  10. This is awesome to hear, thank you. I really do appreciate your feedback! I will be honest, I haven't looked at updating the editor in a while but I will look into this now that I know ppl are interested. I too, loved Madden 98 on Genesis, as soon as the games went o PS1 I didn't think they played as well. I remember a few years ago when I thought about playing Madden 91, 92, 93 with updated rosters, I was sure someone created an editor but was shocked to see no one had at the time. So it was a lot of fun putting the editor together. Will definitely keep you guys posted on when I can
  11. Very's been a while but I didn't realize was shut down, do you know why? I always looked fwd to the updated rosters....they had a lot of talented ppl on that forum
  12. I remember playing this game for hours with my brother, I'd always prefer to be the blocking back and lay out a defender on a
  13. Thanks...this will take me some time but good work.....hopefully we can make something out of this....
  14. Still Play the original Joe Montana for Genesis.....great game!
  15. Thank you, appreciate it. Which Triple Play were you thinking? I can take a look, can't picture it much different from Madden....
  16. I created a Sega Genesis Madden Roster Editor a few years ago for anyone is interested. I actually got to talk to some of the designers/developers of the Genesis Madden games from 91-98. This helped me program the player attributes. I do have an updated Madden rom from 2017 with Panthers and Jaguars, I spent a lot of time creating this roster editor, I'm hoping you guys enjoy....sped up the game a bit as well, I always thought the game played a bit slow.
  17. I created a Sega Genesis Madden Roster Editor a few years ago if anyone is interested....