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  1. Hi guys, we are running a NHL2004 rebuilt online league, we have a dedicated server being on-line all the time, we have usually around 25 people per season. We are a keeper league with focus on GM-ing part, strict salary cap (to force veterans rotate players, so they are not able to sit on their best players) and a "CPU-trading" system. It is an excel having various rules, every week free teams open up for trading and you enter players into an excel and see the chance of the trade being accepted. Players have different statuses (prospect, regular, star player, veteran...) based on which CPU team assesses the trade. Also overall and potential are taken into consideration. You can also sign free agents to various contract types with signing bonuses. Player's overalls are being changed every season according to most recent EA-ratings, which forces you to follow player's real-life performance. We also have "subbing rules" in place, so in case a player can't play his game (there is 48 hour-long deadline for playing your game, 15 match-ups per round), he is being substituted by a different player. As we have a dedicated server, in-game players are affected by cold streaks, hot streaks, injuries, fatigue... We switched to two short seasons (30 game-seasons) per year, in order to keep everyone's interest and have more chances to win the cup. We are multi-national league having canadians, finns, slovaks, poles, swedes, americans, latvian, italian, russian, ukrainian and croatian. In case you are interested, please let me know on skype (mato_marko) or email nehlfo@gmail.com or register here: http://z15.invisionfree.com/NHL04Rebuilt/index.php?showtopic=4250&st=0
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    NHL 2004 Rebuilt

    If you are good at this game, than for sure there are spots from which goals go in (manual deke, blueline slapshot, cross-crease one timer, blocker shot, wraparound etc) but some are difficult to pull off, wraparound is banned in our league, and the good spots are usually well defended by the opposition, as good players know them and are able to defend it it is amazing that after almost 13 years we still find new ways of scoring, like saucer pass goals from some spots (again, easily defended by a skilled opponent) the game is beautiful because of its ability to adjust according to AI tweaks and roster modifications; in our league (NEHL) we make our own rosters (mostly based on newest NHL release on PlayStation) and our own AI which brings the gameplay closer to reality we are a keeper league with focus on GMing which is a huge fun too