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  1. Looks like the ROM makers will have to get KRAKEN on the logo and colors!
  2. sigh unzips pants downloads ROM
  3. The game automatically tries to save after you complete a three-game series, and that's when it hangs, regardless of what you choose. At least, that's been my experience!
  4. Looking forward to 99OVR Sam Lafferty and Adam Johnson for the Penguins!
  5. It's my favorite time of year, and this ROM makes it even better!
  6. NHL '94 wishes it was as deep and editable as SWOS! That being said, what is so new and up-to-date about this version of SWOS? Looking at the rosters, are they just using the best single-season lineups of all-time?
  7. It's probably the emulator then, no worries.
  8. I went to play this ROM in OpenEmu (Mac emulator) and all of the players' names are blank! Is it also not playable in season mode?
  9. I would love to see this, but every time I go to play a season in Sports Talk Baseball it fails to get past the first save point.
  10. Besides NHL '94, '96 is probably my second-favorite 16-bit generation NHL games (that sounded too specific)
  11. I wonder if there's a way to prevent the puck from going out of play at all? Just for fun...
  12. Thank you as always skip and slapshot67, I am a big fan of your edits!
  13. I'm sorry to report that the ROM won't even start in OpenEmu (for MacOS). Not sure why!
  14. Back to the "losing friction" bug, I don't think I've had it happen as bad as I just did: I speed-bursted three times and I think I went halfway around the rink in one (real time) second!
  15. On this note, another quirk: when you take a hard enough shot in the top corner that the goalie initially saves but goes in.
  16. The bold one I didn't know about, and the italics I do (particularly the rebound one). I forgot to mention that once in a while a player will maintain his speed and handles oddly.
  17. I don't know if these have been discussed at all, but I'm curious to know what everyone else likes about NHL '94 that is kinda quirky! One that comes to mind is when you check someone into the boards just right and it sends the opponent flying off into the middle of the ice. Another one is when you have offsides on and you pass to a skater who is offside but still score a goal with a one timer; doesn't happen often but it's funny when it works! Anyone have some good quirks they want to share?
  18. You missed a golden opportunity to make a new 16-bit chiptune GoT theme!
  19. I use OpenEmu on my MacBook. Installation may be stalled by the Security & Privacy settings, but that should be a quick override by going into the System Preferences immediately after trying to install whatever emulator you are trying and "Unlocking" the Security & Privacy tab to allow you to proceed. There shouldn't be any need to restart, and it's possible doing so might have undone that permission. Unless you are explicitly told to restart, don't bother. After that, the .bin files do not need to be further decompressed so they should work without issue. What emulator(s) are you trying to install?
  20. I would be an NHL PC gamer still if EA hadn't decided the PC market wasn't worth their time. Those older games have their limits (I've had problems with getting dual analog controls to work correctly, for example) but they are the best PC hockey games we have.
  21. Side note: on QVC the other day I saw a Genesis fauxback console that accepts Genesis cartridges.
  22. Then it could be categorized by team!
  23. I had an idea for a "speed run" of sorts: how fast can you get each one of your team's players to record a point? I was just trying myself: in 20 minute periods, with no penalties and no line changes (besides editing the lines after each player records a point), using skip's 2017 playoff ROM, I was able to do it with the Penguins against the Predators with 10:11 left in the third period. I had ideas on expanding on that and making something like a points system, based on how quickly you complete the run how efficiently you complete the run (i.e., in as few goals as possible) if the run is done in a shutout and so on But for now, I'm curious to see how quickly everyone can do this!
  24. I've been getting used to playing on my Mac, so I'm getting to appreciate the keyboard as well!