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  1. Hi folks, I'll be on tonight (Sunday 8 EST) and my availability is as follows: Mon: 9-11 EST Tues, Thurs, Fri: 8-12 EST Saturday, Sunday: hit or miss, but I'll try to be more avail now since I'm behind
  2. CHI Line 1: C: Roenick LW: Damphousse RW: Steen LD: Housley RD: Desjardins X: Murphy G: Potvin Line 2: C: Damphousse LW: Murphy RW: Steen LD: Daigneault RD: Daigneault X2: Amonte G2: Potvin
  3. In, I like the idea of 1 minute penalties, as opposed to 30 second pens. Also prefer full 2 mins over 30 secs.
  4. Hi Brutus, Thanks for starting this thread and inviting me to partake in the poll. I really don't care too much about most of the parameters, albeit I did vote on all, but count me out if there's an auction draft. From my experience, they take too long. And although I prefer softer deadlines, it appears I'm in the minority. But that's cool and the gang... Yours truly, CBK26
  5. Add Gallagher drop Zett
  6. Toews, sorry for the confusion this is my first draft.
  7. I'd like to be put on the waiting list. Can you tell me how VHL differs from GDL? Thanks
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