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  1. On 4/12/2021 at 10:52 AM, Bob Kudelski said:

    Re doppelgangers: Muller and Linden are basically lefty/righty mirror images. They have the same weight and stats across the board, except for a few that don't matter much: checking, roughness and aggressiveness. (I noticed you didn't even include the last two stats above).

    Thanks!  I may add the Muller-Linden Doppelganger to the list.  I added Muller-Linden Doppelganger to the list.

    Yeah, I don't count roughness and aggressiveness, because I do not think they come into play.  But!  I believe checking is legit. (If memory serves, it is how often a CPU controlled player checks.  I have seen people mention that Bourque -- the only 6 Checker in the game -- can sometimes be seen going hog wild crushing opponents with CPU hate-rage!)

  2. 4 hours ago, von Ozbourme said:

    Coincidentally enough, Right D is also the third position in the list. Too bad James Patrick already took number 3 and he didn't weigh 16 lbs less or he could have gone for the sweep.

    Heh, thanks for that.  The "clean sweep" you describe is the fabled "Golden Unicorn".  Is it real or myth?  One of the great mysteries of the last 100 years. :P

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Jkline3 said:

    Well... Panteleev is an interesting one because it's a Latvian name (Grigorijs Pantelejevs) that was Russified (Григорий Пантелеев) and then Romanized. There are several different ways to convert so Panteleyev, Panteleev and Pantelejev would all be "correct" spellings. IIHF, for example, has rules for how they do it but often it is left to the discretion of the player in an effort to make it closer to the actual pronunciation.

    Ahhh!  Thank you for the insights!  :)

    Yes, I feel like many of the Russian and Eastern European players may have changed the spelling of their own names, sometimes even after the ROM came out.  Makes things tricky.  All the same, finding errors in this ROM is an important task, and the work must continue.   (I am considering a Patreon account, or possibly a GoFundMe campaign. Maybe both.) :P

  4. I just found the reverse of the short names:

    The ROM made a mistake and *added* a letter!! (This is worth $10k, if people find another example, btw.)

    Real Name: Dmitri Yushkevich
    ROM name: Dimitri Yushkevich

    Edit: Found another. And it's a doozy.  Grigori Panteleev is misspelled in first AND last names!! (That's a cool $20k I just made myself.)

    I have no idea why finding these name errors is fun, but I think it might somehow tie in to the Easter Egg hunt my wife and I are planning for our kid tomorrow... I just suggested to the wife we nix the easter egg hunt, and instead have the kid pore over the NHL94 rosters for errors! (The wife no longer talking to me at this moment. Fack. :()

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  5. 23 hours ago, chaos said:

    I believe that Alexander Mogilny (BUF) 's name is shortened too. To Alexnder 

    Added it. Thx, Chaos!

    Found Alexnder Semak, too.  There is a $1000 bounty on first names, people!  And $500 for last (less rare).

  6. On 4/1/2021 at 12:17 PM, chaos said:

    Kirk Muller is 4s across the board.

    There are 5 players with 6 Shot Accuracy: 

    - 4 of them (Mario, Lindros, Khristich, Robitaille) have 4 Shot Power.

    - 1 of them (Petr Nedved) has 2 Shot Power.


    Nice!  I can't believe I missed Muller!

    For Nedved, I think I will put him in a category with Michel Goulet "Mismatched Shots". Goulet has almost the opposite of Nedved: 2 SP and 5 SA.  There must be other weird shooters out there?  Edit: Oops. Not opposite. Same dang thing!

    I will add your items to the first post later. ;)  Edit: Done.

  7. - Prelude - 

    Here are some interesting stats plucked from the Genesis ROM.  Feel free to add your own below. As they come in, I will add to this post and credit you. ;)
    Contributors so far: Smoz, Chaos, and Kingraph.

    NOTE 1: In case you have not reached Grand Wizard Nerd Status (GWNS) yet, the attributes are from 0-6, not 0-99 as they appear in the game.  For an explanation of the logic behind this, and your first step towards full on GWNS, see Kingraph's writeup here:
    NOTE 2: Atomic Raven created a nifty tool to compare player stats. Very handy for drafting squads.  See:


    - ROM Stats & Oddities - 

    0 Stickhandling ("Mr. Goose-egg")
    Only one person has this lowly designation.  Defensemen Greg Smyth of Calgary is record holder for lowest Stickhandling in the entire ROM.  Congrats, Greg.  (I have never heard of the dude, to be honest.)
    The poor guy is rated the lowest in the game at 30 overall.  He has zeroes in many attributes, actually:

    Name Team Weight Chk ShP ShA Spd Agl Stk Pass OffA DefA
    Greg Smyth CGY 10 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0

    Rumor has it Greg Smyth never saw the ice at all, and was only on the squad to begin with because of Flame's Coach Dave King losing a bar room bet to Pat Quinn over some obscure and long forgotten topic.

    6 Shot Power
    Many know this:  Only one forward has 6 shot power.  Of course, it is Brett Hull of The Saints of Louis town.  A few defenseman have mega shots, but only one forward.

    5 Shot Power
    This is a rare stat, for forwards and defensemen.  In total: 9 forwards have SP of 5 or better, and 10 defensemen have SP of 5 or better.
    There are some quirks associated with it, too.
    There are three forwards sporting a 5/5 shot power/shot accuracy (JR is one, naturally), five with 5/3, yet none with 5/6 or even 5/4.  Strange, no?  The infuriating Mike Modano gets a special mention, with his 5 shot power blast paired with a lowly 2 accuracy: this 5/2 is unique among forwards.

    Seeing Eye Shooters
    It is common to have a hard shot that is not accurate, especially for defensemen.  A couple forwards have the reverse: soft shots, that are still insanely accurate.  Michel Goulet (CHI) and Petr Nedved (VAN) have 2/5 and 2/6 Shot Power/Shot Accuracies respectively.  For me it conjures up the Bugs Bunny "slow ball". I imagine goalies whiffing multiple times at a soft lob of Nedved's that inevitably, and super frustratingly, finds the twine.

    See: Bugs Bunny Slow Ball

    6 Checking
    Only one person has the top spot of 6 checking: Ray Bourque (BOS).  He is also the only D-man that has a real blast that is still accurate: 5/5 shot power/shot accuracy.  Bottom line: the dude is special!
    Fun Fact: Ray Bourque was  a stunt double for actor, Dan Lauria, the dad from the hit TV Show "The Wonder Years" which ran from 1988-1993. wonder-years.png

    3 Weight
    Only two (non-goalie) flyweights in the game at 3 weight: Theo Fleury (CGY) and Andrei Kovalenko (QUE).
    Zero defensemen are this light.
    For goalies, there are some dudes even lighter, but only Daniel Berthiaume (OTW) comes in at an almost gravity defying 1! 

    Same Stat Across board
    Besides weight, Kirk Muller (MLT), Stephen Heinze (BOS), and Randy McKay (NJ) are all 4s, 3s, and 2s, across the board, stats-wise.

    Name Team Weight Chk ShP ShA Spd Agl Stk Pass OffA DefA
    Kirk Muller MTL 9 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
    Stephen Heinze BOS 6 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
    Randy McKay NJ 6 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

    Area 51
    Only one speedster is cursed with 1 agility: Randy Wood (BUF) has 5 speed and 1 agility.  If he makes a slight turn at top speed this hotrod collapses to the ice like a was hit by a sniper.

    Club 66: The Dirk Danglers
    There are three Dangle Wizards, with 6 agility and 6 stickhandling:
    Gretz (LA), Paul Coffee (DET), Phil Housley (WPG).  On reflection it seems odd that 2 of the 3 are D-men?

    Club 66: The Anti-Randy Woodster
    There is only one dude with a 6 speed and 6 agility in the whole ROM: Alexander Mogilny (BUF)!  Rumour has it, even though he played on the same team as Randy Wood, there was a direct order to never share the ice at the same time.  If the two came into physical contact with one another there would be an explosion equivalent to 100 Hiroshima bombs!  (I checked on youtube, and even on the bench the two can always be seen at opposite ends, like bookends.)

    Short Names & Accidental Misspellings
    A few dudes have names too long for the system, and got shortened.  Looks like there was a 10 character max for last names. (Not sure about first name limit, as there aren't many to compare.) At least a couple dudes have a name accidentally mispelled.

    Shorty List *

    1. Vladimir Konstantinov (DET) - Konstantov
    2. Glen Featherstone (BOS) - Feathrston
    3. John Vanbiesbrouck (NYR) - Vanbiesbrk
    4. Mark Fitzpatrick (FLA) - Fitzpatrik
    5. Frank Pietrangelo (HFD) - Pietrngelo
    6. Rene Chapdelaine (LA) - Chapdlaine
    7. Scott Niedermayer (NJ) - Niedrmayer
    8. Alexander Semak (NJ) - Alexandr
    9. Peter Sidorkiewicz (OTW) - Sidorkwicz
    10. Peter Taglianetti (PIT) - Taglianeti
    11. Mike Krushelnyski (TOR) - Krushelski
    12. Nikolai Borschevsky (TOR) - Borshevsky
    13. Ken Baumgartner (TOR) - Baumgartnr
    14. Steve Konowalchuk (WSH) - Konowlchuk
    15. Alexander Mogilny (BUF) - Alexnder 

    Misspelled List

    1. Dmitri Yushkevich (PHI) - Dimitri Yushkevich (the ROM added an "i" to first name)
    2. Grigori Panteleev (BOS) - Gregori Pantaleyev (Wrong first and last names) **

    * This list was originally based on Kingraph's thread here:

    ** Grigori Panteleev is the only name uncovered that is misspelled twice: his first and last names are wrong in the ROM.  Note, after some online sleuthing, it was determined that the last name was a genuine ROM error, where as his first name was first changed from "Gregori" to "Grigori" on his New Jersey state driver's license in 1998, after the ROM was made, likely to more closely mimic the true Russian transliteration.

    There are some players with exact same attributes, or very close to the exact same, but different names/teams...

    Reichel and Sanderson
    First, there is Robert Reichel (CGY) and Geoff Sanderson (HFD).  The same dude, but with different passing stat. We'll call that a Grade 1 Doppelganger. (Only 1 stat being off by one point is "1 degree of separation" making it "Grade 1".)  They are both forwards and both shoot Left, too.

    Name Team Weight Chk ShP ShA Spd Agl Stk Pass OffA DefA
    Robert Reichel CGY 6 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3
    Geoff Sanderson CGY 6 2 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 3

    Ellet and Manson
    Dave Ellet and Dave Manson are Grade 2 Doppelgangers (Passing and Defensive Awareness both off by 1, totaling 2 degrees of separation) but even share the same first name, handedness, and play D.

    Name Team Weight Chk ShP ShA Spd Agl Stk Pass OffA DefA
    Dave Ellet CGY 6 2 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 5
    Dave Manson CGY 6 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

    Muller and Linden
    Kirk Muller and Trevor Linden are almost identical.  They just shoot different (Muller left, Linden Right) and Muller has slightly higher checking. So Grade 2 Doppelgangers. 

    Name Team Weight Chk ShP ShA Spd Agl Stk Pass OffA DefA
    Kirk Muller MTL 9 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
    Trevor Linden VAN 9 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

    I am still looking for the perfect Doppelganger "Unicorn": exact same stats, including handedness and position, across the board.  I know it is out there.

    In my dreams there is the "Golden Unicorn".  Same stats across the board, same position, handedness, and even number! (This is a legend, like Bigfoot. And I do not think it exists.  But I am using some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, crunching numbers 24/7, looking over the ROM to see if a Golden Unicorn is fact or fantasy.)

    ...To be continued...

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  8. On 9/27/2016 at 11:57 AM, Brass Bonanza said:

    I am very surprised nobody has mentioned Ken Sutton as the 2nd defender on this loaded team. Ken Sutton 8 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/4 awareness, 2/2 shot, 1/3 sth/pass. He's reduced to poke checking and holding on defense but he's always in sound position to get in the way and hold the action up for a screaming LaFontaine to dump truck anybody on that side of the ice. When he does get the puck, he's adept at accurately passing the puck...

    Yes, I concur!  I have started using Sutton (paired with Svoboda, of course).  The dude is a classic stay at home defender.  It does help that he is so slow -- dude kinda has to hang back, which is perfect.

  9. #2 @aqualizard The Leafs

    Why? A name popped out to me.  If you know the "Tragically Hip", the ultimate Canadian band.


    Bill Barilko disappeared that summer (in 1951)
    He was on a fishing trip
    The last goal he ever scored (in overtime)
    Won the Leafs the cup
    They didn't win another till nineteen sixty two
    The year he was discovered...

    Excerpted from "Fifty Mission Cap" by The Hip.

    That's right.  The dude on my team scored the Stanley Cup Winning goal in 1951, and died that same year.  I dedicate my season to his memory. ;)

  10. Hi there,

    I use a fat GENs 3 button with a RetroUSB adapter.  I notice that sometimes, albeit rarely, I get this weird glitch:

    1. I am going to one time it
    2. just before the one time happens, but after I have pressed the C button, it pauses

    And when I say pauses, I mean RA suddenly shows the menu, and the game is totally halted.  Then I have to navigate to "Resume Game" and all flow  is lost.  (And I when I resume, I am too sheepish to do anything but dump the puck, if I can, but sometimes the already registered one timer goes through, creating anger and confusion from my opponent, lol.)

    Does anyone else experience this? 

    It is rare. Probably 1x per 10 or so games.

    I think when I am mashing buttons, some weird combo (like D-pad down, B and C at same time, for a split second) short circuits RA and it thinks I have used a keyboard shortcut.  On this note, there is 0% chance I am hitting my keyboard.  It is on a chair 2 feet away when I play.



  11. Ok, gotta keep it real here:

    1. Halifax should be Bud of the Year.  (But I know he doesn't include himself in the running.  Which just goes to show why he should be bud of the year!  Never mind that, Bud of the Decade!)

    That aside, I would have to say:

    2. Chaos should be Bud of the Year.   If didn't have his finger in every pie here,  well, it would be like the NHL94 community here hits an iceberg and the whole thing goes under, quickly!

    But he has won it 2 years straight.  So:

    3. I am voting for @danTML7!  His Twitch streams and personality are really helping the community in much needed way, at a much needed time, with the influx of new people.

    @Jkline3 and @smozoma are worthy candidates as well, of course.  Now that I think on it, we are lucky to have so many good Buds in this community, at the moment!  In fact, the "Good Apple" to "Bad Apple" ratio might be at an all time high right now, heh! ;)

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  12. 2 hours ago, Edge of '94 Midwest said:

    I'm not telling people that they need to start playing the "other" version, but perhaps we can stop crapping all over something that obviously so many of us enjoy, just because it's different. 

    That is a great, well thought out post.  Thanks for that. :)

    In the quote above, I do think for 99.9% of people, it is all in good fun, poking fun at the other system.  As a community, I know I appreciate the SNES guys. (Hell, Halifax is SNES, and he is one of the pillars here!)

    I do prefer GENs, but you guessed it, that is what I was introduced to 25 years ago, or whatever it is now.  Had it been SNES, well that would be my fave, no doubt.

    I have played SNES a bit.  But for a couple hours, versus thousands of hours on GENS.  But I do think GENs is a "deeper" game. (I am not saying "better".)

    Reason 1: The Weight Bug/CB checking
    So a flaw in the source code makes it a richer and more demanding game.  That is ironic that something broken enhances it; at a high level, anyway. 
    Reason 2: Pass shots
    Pass shots happen more in GEN's, and in more varieties, which are also high level skills that make it richer. From what I gather, anyway.

    On a side note, I suck at CB checking and pass shots, so the skill requirement effectively weeds me out. No doubt if I played SNES, I would be challenging for the top spot. (Joke.)

    Anyway, great post, Edge of '94 Midwest. :)

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