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  1. Wow, lots of nice touches. Well done, Raph! Sometimes a pixelated look is even cooler than hi-rez; certainly they can have more character. Love the Blackhawks logo screen, and the Ranford (with light ray effect!) one below it. Nice work!
  2. For LA Kings, my D starters are reversed. (I prefer Coffey on RD.) Not a huge deal, but thought I would mention it.
  3. Sounds very cool. (A "Game Night" would also go a long way to getting ppl gathered for games among themselves, cuz some ppl get hard to find as the season advances.) The 5-10 min lead in might be a nice-to-have (that may not happen -- pretty sure Brutus is the only nerd here that isn't a shut-in), but streaming games is easy enough. Edit: Boo! Hiss! (Directed toward MikeG above :P)
  4. Edit: Tweaked lineup May 29, 2019 LA Kings C: Lebeau #47LW: Mogilny #89RW: Muller #11LD: Brisebois #43 RD: Coffey #77 Xtra attacker: Leeman #26First Forward Sub: Leeman #26First Defensive Sub: Bautin #3 Goalie: Essensa #35
  5. Why? Work commitments? That is a bummer, Coach.
  6. Glad to know this is sorted! (I still don't understand how it works, but you sound like you know what you are talking about! And by now you have a lot of experience with these things.) Thanks, Halifax!
  7. Idea 1: Open up tourney to game day replacements, especially if this is mentioned in a Radio spot or somehow last minute. (On the website, 48 hours before, would be a good place, too.) Since the spots are already paid for, you could let replacements join for half price, or even free? I know the participants that show up just want to play! Missing a game when there are people around sucks, especially in Toronto where anyone over 30 has played this game. Idea 2: Replace "no show" guys on a game-by-game basis with registered participants (a one-game "volunteer"). This means each scheduled game still happens, but we will make it officially a 1-0 win for the legit player. People want to play, so make sure there all scheduled games happen.
  8. Ko94 IV is in Toronto. Just like #1 was. This means: There will be a ton of local people coming Lots of no shows This was the case with the first one. Because many people are casuals -- joining because the event happens to be in their home town -- it is easy to not be bothered the day of the event, and to decide not to go. Edit: I wanted to insert these stats here, from the 1st King of 94 in Toronto: - how many forum guys, vs non forum - how many no shows But after scouring the old threads can't find them, even though I know I have seen them. Bottom line: what can we do about this, and how can we make sure that the impact is minimal, and fun factor still high.
  9. Idea 1: The "Info Table" Somewhere prominent at the venue, have a table that says "Play Online". It will be staffed with a vet (like myself!). Better yet, possibly KG or someone with connections to the underworld can get some hot strippers to (wo)man the booth? Anything to get some traffic going. It will have: a bunch of business cards (I already printed) that have a URL: a laptop with an internet connection ideally a big LCD The laptop will be used to: 1. actually walk people through joining online, on the forum 2. demo for people how to play with GENs / RA This idea, or some variation has been proposed before, but now we need to flesh it out. Since the event is in Toronto, I am 100% willing to spearhead it. But I want to make sure we take the best approach, t maximize online recruits. Hence, me seeking advice. Thoughts?
  10. What are some ways to get some of the people that come out to tourneys -- like Ko94 IV -- to join the online community? Any and all ideas are welcome in this thread. Ko94 IV is in Toronto, and we have months to prepare. How do we get some live guys to play online?
  11. Hey Halifax, I guess NYC does things differently. (The Bastards.) I do think reaching out for help is the right idea. Specifically, it sounds like you need a local guy to go by in person and try and set stuff up. The old fashioned way. There are quite a few NYC dudes, right? (MikeG you mentioned, but there is Raph, Chaos, Tex, Lupz... who am I forgetting?) Or, I like the Toronto or Montreal option! (I know this next time around in Toronto I will stepup big time. Last time I wasn't really part of the community.)
  12. Hey Besteric, I wrote a guide for new guys: It is a bit out of date, but still helpful, I think. Welcome!
  13. Hey -- I swear this is a coincidence!! -- but I just popped by the Tecnobowl site. They do what I am talking about. See
  14. Here is a thought: combine Online Leagues and Live tournaments, making it: * Leagues and Tournaments - Online Leagues - Live Tournaments Just an idea, but it seems clearer to me...
  15. I need: 4 with GoCanes 2 with Leif Ericson 2 with Darko That's it. Let's schedule here, guys.
  16. I am interested if the day and time is right? Wed or Thur 8pm-12 EST is a good window, I think? (I could be available around 9pm pretty consistently.)
  17. 100% true. And yet I still think he deserves it. Yeah, Halifax, put yourself on the ballot next year. (Or one of these Mods can do it, if you neglect to do so again!) Congrats, Chaos. You deserve it 100%.
  18. I am on vacation until Jan 7. So I am absent WITH leave. The Toronto Maple Leafs will be back, well rested, and ready to make a run for the cup!
  19. Tip C: Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts) f - fullscreen i - "leave the game" - Used when switching player positions or when spectating. "Leaving the game" is similar to unplugging your controller from the console. F1 - Quick Menu when in game F5 - save state F6 - decrease save state slot F7 - increase save state slot F4 - load save state ESC - hard exit NOTE: Config is set up to auto-increment save states. You do not need to change save state slots after hitting F5. More to come...
  20. Tip B: Hot Swapping Home and Away with "i" Keyboard Shortcut One great thing about RetroArch is you can "hot swap" home and away. As long as the guy hosting is using Direct Connection. You can even do it mid-game or whenevs. This is super handy. To start, let's say both guys are connected. The host will be home, since he connected first. If you need to change that, do this: 1. the host hits "i" to leave (right from ROM menu or wherever, it will not reset anything) 2. the other guys hits "i" to leave, then "i" again to reconnect (he will be home now, because he is "first" to connect) 3. the original host now hits "i" to re-connect, but because he is 2nd to connect now, he will be visitor Tada!! Ideally, at least one guy will have Direct Connection ability. That person should host. (If both are Direct capable, it doesn't matter who hosts.)