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  1. Nice article. I wish the highlighted quote had some context. Obviously NHL94 *is* played online, and AJ and Arda know that. (I am sure AJ means he wishes it was easier to play online, or supported by Xbox, etc.). I wish it mentioned you *can* play online, which may help recruit some people.
  2. Hi and welcome! Here is help getting online: Test Games and Getting Connected! 8pm CST should be a good time. Usually a couple people around then. And here is a Guide for New Members I wrote that covers a ton of stuff.
  3. Hi and welcome! Here is help getting online: Test Games and Getting Connected! And here is a Guide for New Members I wrote that covers a ton of stuff.
  4. I am not sure what I am saying, just thinking out loud. But, if there were 2 tiers, for GENs, you could make it based on where the entrant wants to play. B (minors) or A (majors) level, and never have them play in the other bracket at all. I would love that, and stand a chance at doing well. Ahh... that sounds awesome. Yeah, if we do one group (not A and B groups) which I figure will happen again, yes, the "consolation bracket" would be awesome. Edit: I just read the format for Vancouver here: This looks great to me, with lots of games f
  5. Ok, I have some time to put some thoughts together now. First and most importantly: I appreciate what Halifax does (and Mikey, Smozoma and anyone else who helps) and will be coming to NYC 100% no matter what! We are lucky that any live tourneys happen, and I know they are a ton of work. Also, I was at Toronto and Vegas, but did not go to BC, so don't have the "full exposure" that Coach and others did. But, here is what I personally would like: 1. a very low entrance fee 2. almost no prize $$... rather the entrance fee go to growing the community (paying for websites, paying for a
  6. Damn, coach! Why delete your posts? Makes it hard to follow this thread, and people are really taking the time to write some well thought out stuff.
  7. That is a great idea, Coach. Like you I have 0% chance of winning the whole thing, but in the 2nd tier I would be competitive. And I did feel at the Vegas tourney I, and 90% of others, forked over a lot of $ considering we had no chance of winning. (Never mind travel and hotel cost.) I would love to play more games. Especially against new guys, and people with different styles, especially guys I have a chance against. I wanted to say more, but my wife is booting me off the computer.
  8. Cool! I guess it goes without saying he never mentioned the game NHL94 (or I am sure you would have mentioned that)?
  9. Hey Brown, welcome to the site! Too late for the live tourney, but not too late to play online! You can register for "Fall Classic" right now at -- the season starts in November!
  10. Signups will open any day, so keep checking back. (The league will start in November, so there is plenty of time.) You actually register on but registration hasn't opened yet, so we can't share a link yet.
  11. Yeah man, go with the 1 minute. As you said way back, we are talking about 5 sec or so of real life time. You don't have the time for this, pun intended.
  12. Hmm... all your effort on these ROMs is amazing and appreciated. That said, seems easiest just to make Penalties 1:00. It is only 15 sec difference, after all.
  13. Hey Chaos, to be clear: We are no longer allowed to use Gens/Kaillera at all, to submit league games?
  14. For LA Kings, I want Wendel Clark to fill in if any forward is in box or injured. That is not happening? (Perhaps I am misinterpreting what "First Forward Sub: Clark - #17" means? Is that only for injury?)
  15. I have a Grant Fuhr clone, but want even better. So.... I can trade any of these guys, plus my goalie: D-man Macinnis (6 shot!) Forwards Wendel Clark and Damphousse Ja?
  16. Robitaille would be AWESOME, but SId Smith is trash (so I hear)!
  17. The guy is not trash, and has a 4/6 shot himself. (I think Atomic just wants someone different at C.) Handed Owner Overall Weight Checking Shot Power Shot Accuracy Speed Agility Stick Handle Passing Off Aware Def Aware Sid Smith Lefty Atomic Raven 85 7 2 4 6
  18. Guess I am crawling out from under a rock cuz I have never heard of Violent Gentlemen. But if they are sponsoring an event, and AJ, then I am a fan! Woohoo!
  19. LA KingsC Lindros - #88 LW Klima - #85 RW Momesso - #27 LD K. Samuelsson - #28 RD A. Iafrate - #34 G A. Rollins - #23 x Clark - #17 First Forward Sub: Clark - #17 First Defensive Sub: Svoboda - #7 Other numbers (no dupes!) F - Damphousse - #25 D - MacInnis - #2 G - Puppa - #1
  20. Congrats Coach! Hope it was awesome (and not just terrifying)! Sounds like you earned your spot! Well done.
  21. I just saw this! Would be SUPER COOL to have you guys from Finland come! I think the rumblings say the next one (after #3) will be out east again. Hope to see you guys there. I know I will be at any one out east.
  22. It is definitely possible! But unlikely. 1. the pool of programmers with necessary skillset is smaller than those that do Windows stuff 2. the interest level in NHL94 is less than it has been, so this also diminishes the pool size In short, is there someone out there with the skillset who is interested enough to do this? Probably not.. But never say never!!
  23. ^^ Yes, that was my #3 I couldn't remember. Anyway, I know the purists won't go for it (I knew Coach would be in favor of it 0% before I posted!!) but I just don't see the harm. It is still the same "game", even if some little tweaks are done to "non-game-on-ice" factors...
  24. One two CoachnRaph punch and it it is dead. No biggie. Just putting ideas out there.