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  1. @ Brutus, not offended at all brother. When it comes to retro sports tournaments, the Midwest knows how to bro down, and the price is right vs some larger markets. I hope it will work out for you to make it. @ everyone else chiming in on the rules, we will roll as indicated. Your input is appreciated, but no changes will be made to the rule set at this point. King of 94 Proper has a very good understanding of these rules, and ours are aligned with the spirit of those rules. The best of the best will exploit any and all of these known quirks in the game to their advantage. If we find
  2. Green Bay is hardly nowhere my friend. Lambeau Field alone is worth the trip here, and they do tours every day of the year. But on that note, there are other sites here that don't break the bank. Bay Beach Amusment Park and The National Railroad Museum are just a couple that come to mind. There are some historic breweries up here as well, and if you had to pick one to hang out at, it would be Titletown Brewing Company downtown.
  3. Hey guys, I know we have multiple travelers interested in making the journey in September. To ease this process, I wanted to get all of you together on here to help folks save money on lodging, and even possibly rideshare/carpool if it's convenient. Here's a date search I did checking in 9-24 leaving 9-25 to make it easier for you. Do a Google search for hotels near zip code 54313 on 9-24-16.
  4. It's in the original Facebook post which is pinned on this forum. I also added it to this post, which is simply the rules posting.
  5. King of 94 WI is live an well, and happening in September for anyone willing to make the trip. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/17615-september-24-2016-official-signup-and-rules-thread-for-blades-of-94/ Sorry to all the SNES fans out there.
  6. Halifax, if you could pin this post instead, I'd like to migrate the thread with some reservations in place for media, updates, and signups. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/17615-september-24-2016-official-signup-and-rules-thread-for-blades-of-94/
  7. Album posted here! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.338871403118255.1073741830.266393173699412&type=3
  8. Results for winners. http://www.esportsearnings.com/tournaments/19785-king-of-94-wi-2016 Challonge bracket for the tournament portion. http://challonge.com/Kingof94wibracket
  9. Current Signup List : 22 participants to date Total Setups in play:13 Trojan - Staff Trojan Jr - Staff Nick Wautier -Staff Photographer Staff providing 10 full setups and additional TV's as needed + streaming station for Twitch. Estimated total cash on the line to date $495.00 Angyjay93 -PAID! $24 net via paypal Moeman -PAID! $24 net via paypal Tim Ubick - PAID! $25 cash Mike Mathena - paying at door Bringing 2 x System/Game/Controllers(previously approved $20) Troy Evers - PAID! $24 net via paypal Levi Lacross - PAID! - $19 net via paypal Bringing System/Game/Controllers Kevin C
  10. pin Show Map Townline Pub & Grill2544 Lineville Rd, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313 September, 24, 2016, 10AM - completion Rules posted are in the spirit of kingof94.com with some modifications. This is a Genesis only NHL 94 tournament. These rules may be amended/updated with or without notice at the discretion of King of 94 WI when deemed necessary. KO94WI staff is the judge and jury in any disputes that cannot be worked out between competitors. 1) Game Settings : 5 Min Periods, Manual Goalie, Penalties On, No Offside 2) Please no delaying the game(excessive ti
  11. We would love to have you kgman! We are hoping for mainly an external draw for this event, and since it's our first with this game, it's critical to get as many people as possible to ensure a healthy player pool, and of course proper reputation. To all: If you haven't already done so, please rsvp on the indicated facebook site and event page your intentions as soon as they are determined.
  12. First batch of 6 button controllers has arrived(yes Sega legit), and a batch of 5 consoles should arrive today, bringing the total to 9 house systems.
  13. Official signups and pre-pay will open up on or before June 24, 2016, as well as tournament rules listing.
  14. I wanted to take a moment and give the Retro World Series crew, specifically Hal a big shout out. Not only is he featuring NHL '94 as one of the tournaments in August, he is helping us fill the gap with our equipment needs. We expect continued involvement not only with King of 94, but also with the Retro World Series. Make sure to check out their event page, especially if you live anywhere near the Southern parts of the USA. https://www.facebook.com/events/565632533599532/
  15. It's great to see the excitement brewing. We can't make it work without dedicated players willing to make the voyage out, so for that, we thank you. Please continue spreading the word! In the meantime, enjoy some casual games from last night, recorded using our custom NHL 94 recording/streaming template! https://youtu.be/ijEEBtW3opo
  16. I would be pleased to host other versions of the game if the demand is high enough. Of course once the brackets start winding down, systems will open up. Thanks for your support, and please spread the word throughout social media.
  17. I personally grew up with a SNES and a PC, not a Genesis, however when it came to gaming at friend's houses, the Genesis was almost always the preferred system for sporting games during the SNES/Genesis wars. As a result, there are so many available, and the price of the hardware and game copies is reflective of that. My guess is that this was a similar trend throughout the USA based on sales, and hardware availability. SNES systems easily go for $60 or more in this market. A Genesis can be had for $30 - $35, making a full setup about $50 with a game and 2nd controller. We've had little
  18. Greetings NHL fans, and thanks to the mothership KO94/halifax for getting the word out. We want this to be a destination tournament in the states, and will lean on this community to help us build it into such. More details will emerge as time progresses, but we wanted to get this date etched on everyone's calendars. We have years of experience running large tournaments going back to our LAN party roots, with our most recent tournament involvement being the Tecmo Milwaukee : Wayne's World tournament last month. We have a realistic goal of 32 players, and for this particular venue, we will b