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  1. Thanks so much for the great feedback EA! I can't tell you how much I've come to appreciate our friendship in the past few years. I think you either overpaid for your hotel, or got in on things before the special deal package was announced. I believe normal fare for our group was supposed to be $69 a night, which is insane. When compared to our tight quarters at Edge VR Arcade, I found Pourhouse to be immensely larger, and the only significant deficiency I felt was the bathroom capacity, well that and the allotted amount of time. I want SNES to work out. We've made the invest
  2. That won't work with what we use within the community as a whole, but if you head over to nhl94online.com, you'll get everything you'll need to play with us, including the necessary communication via our community Discord channel, so you may find opponents for pickup(exis) games, and eventually even leagues if interested.
  3. The struggle to get our content to work properly on Facebook is real, at least when it's a tournament sized video. We've tried some tricks, and will be doing a 2PM CST rerelease of the SNES tournament footage on our Facebook page. I can only hope it actually works this time.
  4. For more important discussion and updates, please join us in the Blades of Steel channel on Discord!
  5. In all seriousness, despite having a decent stream in 2019, the bar has been raised so high by @LeifErikson and his team. @Coffey did an amazing job with the KO94 stream indeed! I really enjoyed the King of 94 stream, and look forward to how it evolves as well. The more dedicated volunteers you can wrangle the better. That being said, it takes a game veteran to function well on the mic. Guys like @halifax, @kingraph, and @angryjay93 are all top notch on the mic, but alas, they're typically in the field. It's rare to find someone with passion who will volunteer for something like this
  6. We're hosting an online Blades of Steel tournament in April. I'd start it sooner but it takes time to make sure everyone can get hosting going.
  7. A few people still need help getting setup but we will be starting this week.
  8. You may get the rules and details at the above link if interested.
  9. Sign up here =====> https://forms.gle/hpp2nTjvZS6vq6Qh6 Edge of 94 Midwest proudly presents our first online Blades of Steel tournament for NES! This tournament will feature the US based rom for the Nintento Entertainment System. We will be using the Brudtopia emulator as is used by the Tecmo Super Bowl community at large. Assistance with setup for this emulator package is available by contacting me(Trojan) directly via the NHL94 Discord channel, or on Facebook via the Edge of 94 Midwest page. Free entry to the 2021 Edge of 94 Midwest NHL94 tournament will be awarded to
  10. @angryjay93 I think one of your uploaded images is missing. Thank you, as well as @danTML7, @jer_33 and @kingraph for sharing your experiences with everyone!
  11. Hard to believe it's been a full week already since our fun weekend in Minneapolis! To my buds who attended, or to those who watched on stream, if you have it in your heart to leave a positive summary of your day with any photos you may have taken, that would be appreciated. I know some of you have started doing that already. I know we're all really busy, but I know these memories often get forgotten in the depths of someone' cellphone memory. I know that for @danTML7 photos may be the only way to remember anything at all past happy hour. Thanks again for a memorable weekend buds!
  12. @segathon Why would we mention Swingers? They weren't playing NHL94.
  13. These are thoughts and conversations constantly being processed year to year with our events. Trying to balance nostalgia and quality of competition are of constant concern. I absolutely love Swiss format. If system bandwidth is there, I think it's the best format for smaller to medium sized tournaments. If not, time can be a major issue Last weekend we actually used it for SNES to accelerate things, as there weren't many ranked SNES players present, and we were down to 16 SNES players, with more than enough systems to accommodate them. To ease the blow, we let those that got el
  14. Well everyone, another event is in the books! The weekend was an absolute blast, and a blur as it was over in a blink of an eye. I'll start with my experiences, and then conclude with my list of people to thank. If I've inadvertently missed you, please provide the necessary verbal cross check so I can right that wrong. Tagging is a bit hit or miss for me, so I'll mostly avoid that. I started out hitting the road about an hour and fifteen minutes later than normal Friday morning, but Hank, Carter and I arrived without incident at The Moxy at the exact same time Leif E
  15. That link takes you to the results page earlier in the thread. Hopefully @smozoma can use that. I have additional group play data that I'll be sharing when I get time. A proper recap will come this week hopefully. Thanks again everyone and I'll recognize everyone the best I can. Please share any pictures you might have taken of your weekend on this thread.
  16. #edgeof94-midwest We're just a few days away from Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament! We rescheduled and will be on Big Play Podcast tonight discussing the tournament and #nhl94 so please join us live at 9:15 PM EST! We're hoping no one gets the Corona virus tonight! https://www.pscp.tv/BIGPLAYpodcast/1mrGmQXOLBQGy
  17. We have a bunch of these professional monitors on hand thanks to @LeifErikson for the Minnesota tournament. While most of them will be hooked up via composite initially, we do hope to start introducing more component/SCART hookups for future events.
  18. This was sent to me last night, and I haven't checked it out yet. Thanks to @clockwise for putting it together. Apparently in 2v2 player portraits will lock the system so it's not focused around that. However, the names should be right based on the teams given. If you have a flash cartridge for Genesis go ahead and load this bad boy on it. 2on2_Edge_of_94_2020.bin
  19. These massive bins are filled with consoles carts, and controllers, power and AV hookups. I spent most of the weekend going through the majority of gear we'll be bringing to Minneapolis. We're confident when we say there won't be any system bandwidth issues holding the tournament up.