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  1. We have another video, and would appreciate any help sharing this out on social media! Someone you may know recorded the voiceover!
  2. A serious weapon in the SNES version, and curiously absent in the lines of experienced players in the Genesis version, Hall of Famer Eric Lindros has incredible shot ratings.. This prize can be won by any paid player in the Modano Mo Problems tournament!
  3. Part of the Stanley Cup winning New York Rangers in the 93-94 season, Hall of Famer Brian Leetch is widely considered to be one of the all time greats on defense. This Brian Leetch figure can be won at Modano Mo Problems!
  4. We're gonna have to work on your diplomacy bud. Tots and Pears
  5. The prizes keep rolling in! Pierre Turgeon is part of a very good forward line for the Islanders in NHL94, a team that suffers from poor defensive play and goaltending. Did you know Pierre has a brother in NHL94? Who is he, and what team does he play for? #edgeof94-midwest Want to win this? Get your signup payment sent in for Modano Mo Problems NHL94 Tournament today, and you'll be entered for a chance to win!
  6. After his breakout 92-93 season with the Leafs, Felix "The Cat" Potvin found himself in the starting role, which led to the trade of Grant Fuhr to the Sabres. You might know him better as the video poster boy for the NHL94 TV commercials. Want to win this figure? Compete in Modano Mo Problems February 29th for a chance to win!
  7. Another day another prize!(Thanks Tim Ubick!) Doug Gilmour is a two time All-Star, won a Stanley Cup with Calgary in '89, and was the best defensive forward in the 92-93 season, winning him the Frank Selke Trophy. Coupled with the 4 weight rating in NHL94, he is a defensive force in the Genesis version of NHL94, and can drive one timers home with ease. Want to win this figure? Just get signed up for Modano Mo Problems today, and you'll be automatically entered! $40 ==> paypal.me/trojan1979
  8. Today's prize is something of a different announcement. We're happy to announce that the winner of each division, Genesis and Super Nintendo competing at "The Battle of Vancouver" this month will win free access to our Modano Mo Problems tournament in February! http://vcrgc.eventbrite.ca/?fbclid=IwAR0Jq5Agh8vohJXx53sKE2sYu9paHwukyTAY-vjfeR8fBKN5FZoZwnDMNZ0 If you're thinking of competing in the Battle of Vancouver! Register at the link above! Please also visit their event posting on this forum :
  9. Another day, another prize! This Curtis Joseph figure is from his time with the Leafs, but we all know him as one of the Blues. With one of the coolest all time Mask decals, this figure shows "Cujo" stacking the pads and diving for what is undoubtedly an epic save! This prize can be won by anyone attending Modano Mo Problems!
  10. This week marks the beginning of prize reveals for those that attend the tournament! The Shield is responsible for most of the prizes you will be seeing between now and the day of the tournament, and we can't thank him enough! First off is this Starting Lineup Dominik Hasek figure. While he rarely sees the ice in NHL94, we all know just how dominating "The Dominator" was during his time with Buffalo. This prize can be won by anyone attending Modano Mo Problems as a paid player!
  11. Did you miss our satellite tournament Monday night? Catch the best series of the night right here between Trojan and DPS! https://youtu.be/R8QbZM_bhkc?t=4145
  12. Congrats to @jer_33 on your prize for early signup! You must claim your prize the day of the tournament! See you and everyone in Minneapolis in Feburary!
  13. @smozoma results posted above for huge shifts in the SNES world rankings, as this was a highly prestigious tournament. if @mort1237 isn't ranked #1 overall after this, I will file a formal complaint to the board of inquiry.
  14. Congrats to Mort on his victory Monday night, winning free entry into Modano Mo Problems! This was a very exciting time featuring some hardcore retro gamers, and some players from the next generation. We competed with 10 players, ultimately originally expecting about 16, but that didn't diminish the quality of games we witnessed! Below are the teams that were selected by each player throughout the tournament. Here are the results of the Swiss Style Group play: https://challonge.com/chicago2019snes Here are the results of the bracket. Each bracket game was sing
  15. Looks like SK made it in before the January 1st cutoff! After family events today we will go live on Facebook to announce the winner, and discuss a few other happenings from this weekend, along with what's to come! Thanks for all the continued support!
  16. https://youtu.be/bRztJdci-J8 Stream is live! pickup games until the tournament officially starts
  17. @Brutus @IAmFleury'sHipCheck will we see either of you guys tonight at DMEN tap?
  18. California is in, and you know what that means? 3 time Edge champion @angryjay93 is registered, and ready to extract his pound of flesh from the competition! Tomorrow is the last day to get signed up to be eligible to win that Neal Broten jersey, so let's get signed up today!
  19. Regarding the Retrobit 6 button Gens replacement controllers, I've been ordering them one or two at a time over the past couple of months to bolster our tournament supply. I'm absolutely satisfied with their performance and feel. I wish these were made available years ago. To anyone who goes to tournaments, I'd recommend picking up 2-4 of these bad boys and stock up for life.
  20. Just a friendly reminder, that we have a couple of important dates coming up... December 30th at 7PM we will be holding our SNES Satellite at DMEN Tap in Chicago, IL. Turnout is looking good for that. We'll be streaming over on the Retro Sports Gamer channel that evening, so we hope everyone will tune in! The winner will get free entry to the Modano Feb 29th tournament! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g Secondly, we do have just 4 days remaining should you wish to be eligible to win the signed Neal Broten jersey. Shoot your $40 over to www.paypal.me/t
  21. Also @smozoma : Has won Long Island tournament in 2017... Took 2nd in SNES in Green Bay in 2018... Has been to all of the King of 94 main events, Toronto, Vegas, Vancouver, back to Toronto, as well as Retrothon in Saskatoon, and probably other tournaments outside of Ottawa... I get it, NHL94 tournaments are business trips. I think @angryjay93 and @halifaxmight be the only guys who travel more than you do for NHL94, with @kingraph and @IAmFleury'sHipCheck taking a close 3rd/4th place. If it works for you we'd love to have you back. If not, we'll understand, and