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  1. Hopefully you reconsider, your roms are fantastic! And like was said above, everyone knows who the original OGs are anyway... the community knows what's up
  2. Awesome.. Will definitely give it a look. Hopefully a deep editor with lots of customization options would be the cherry on top (ala Legend Bowl on Steam).. a lot of individuality in terms of different appearances/abilities options re players would also be da bomb.
  3. Excellent rom. Congrats. If I could point out one thing though, injured players sometimes come on as the extra attacker or penalty shooter. For example, i was playing against tb (cpu), and kucherov (though not available in the regular game) came on to take a penalty shot for them. Same goes for extra attacker (eg, voracek (i think it was) came on as an extra attacker for philly even though he was not on any line)
  4. Nice rom! Graphics-wise, the hockey sticks with the tape is a nice touch... Is it possible to get the big centre ice logos ala skip&slapshot... makes a huge difference aesthetically. Good job!
  5. Is there a team missing?... I only count 31 teams
  6. Thanks for this. Yes correct, i already have the hex codes in and now just looking for instructions on how to modify (or copy and paste) the goal tile artwork. Top notch stuff. Keep up the good work.
  7. Is it possible to also release just the goalnet tiles so we can add to whichever rom we want... thanks
  8. This works with the 32 team versions that are out there correct? Must have patch imo. The X/Z line change patch would be immense! Thank you sir
  9. I thought it was the perfect April Fools joke... Very well executed imo
  10. I figured as much given it was April Fools Day, but good execution nonetheless
  11. I'm actually looking for the reverse, is it possible to have 5 minute periods but using a sped-up 20 minute clock on the game screen.
  12. Is it possible to have a mod where there's an option for Offsides ON but Penalties OFF ?
  13. Do you guys think that adding the Las Vegas Golden Knights will pose a problem in future ?
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