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  1. Wonder where I can get one of those...keeping track and doing it by hand for some of my offline tourneys in Excel is a b***h...
  2. MHL-RJ

    $25 REWARD!!!

    I would go ask Mack. On his site he was able to edit the font face to what you would see on 96-98. (look in screens under nhl 93 genesis) It's not impossible, but likely damn hard.
  3. One of my friends needs to know if you need to enter the port number along with the IP, or just the IP in order to join a netplay game.
  4. MHL-RJ


    I have the ROM. Wondering if there was sort of an Easy Translator to translate the game into English...I just can't read Swedish all that well
  5. MHL-RJ

    $25 REWARD!!!

    Leave it to EA for making things harder than they need to be. Indeed, it is much more complicated than 94/95, and I'm gonna see if I can bring some new information to the table.
  6. MHL-RJ

    NOSE with NHL 95

    Here are some pictoral examples using the UC Colonials, a team entirely comprised of Gundam characters. First, the line changes I set up in NOSE: On the first line it's Yuy, Maxwell and Winner as forwards, then Barton and Wufei as defensemen. Then, as it appears in the game itself. Yamato, Yuy and some Toronto guy (I over-wrote the Leafs to make this team) as forwards, and I think the two defesemen are flip-flopped.
  7. MHL-RJ

    NOSE with NHL 95

    Some odd things I noticed while using NOSE to edit NHL 95 were: - The line changes you set up do not actually take place in the game - If you change a player's number, the change only shows in the "Team Rosters" menu and not during gameplay Any clue on why this could be?
  8. Great stuff. However, I noticed that Nashville and Atlanta don't have team nicknames. Error or intentional?
  9. Sweet. Thanks wboy. I'll be waiting for the turorial whilst I try and fix the rosters for the MHL mod. It really helps also that you can edit which order they go in because I will more than likely will have to shrink some of the rosters for it.
  10. Explain a bit more in-depth, I'm a bit slow when it comes to this stuff.
  11. MHL-RJ

    NOSE 1.0b released!

    Awesome program. It's going to make making the MHL (Manga Hockey League) and FUHL (F***ed Up Hockey League) mods much easier. Thanks wboy. A lot.
  12. I'm wondering what offset the player pictures start at in TLP. I also want to know how big the picture would be if you arranged all the tiles the right way - so, say, if you wanted to change Wayne Gretzky's pic into...let's say Michael Jackson's mugshot (not that I will!) you could repeat that roughly...48 times. I'm working on a little psuedo-mod for NHL '94...details later.
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