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  1. Yeah thanks again for the fixed version mack it's dead on perfect now. Only thing that was wrong was the playoff brackets for the Stars and Nucks but i fixed that as it was easy with wboy's nose editor. Great job once again .
  2. No problem mack take your time People are grateful that you pump out these amazing edited roms that im sure it doesn't bother them to wait a little more for the revised version .
  3. yeah mack already knows the thing about having to fix the playoff brackets around for some of the matchups and probably has that already done in the modified fixed one he's doing
  4. doug

    Add-ons question

    Update: i got everything add-on related to work a couple days ago had to extract the files to the nhl 95 directory and not inside the hockey folder itself but i put the add-ons in both folders anyways and now they all work perfectly.
  5. does anyone know which thing i can open this up with i tried winzip and it always says cannot open invalid file then i tried tugzip and nothing opens thanks.
  6. jeff cowan is suppose to be 20 not 15.
  7. Yeah doing the sens alternates would be sweet for sure. Good idea from SunnydaleSpike for sure.
  8. Oleg Saprykin's number is wrong it's suppose to be 61 not 91. Florida Pants are black when they should be navy. In Shootout Mode Computer never moves he just shoots the puck in the crowd or at the boards. For some Teams in the playoffs there on the road when they should be home for example buffalo should be home detroit should be home etc. Atlanta Trashers jersey should be there baby blue one as they ditched the dark one. Some arena's have there old names like sens have corel when it should be scotiabank place and Mci for caps should be Verizon and so on. But rather then that and what has been mentioned everything else is perfect.
  9. i need a program that i can save my replays in the kega emulator with the nhl 07 updated rom im using. that of course also saves it in avi files so it can be viewed like a video. is there a such program out there capable of doing that.
  10. me and him are using the same rom aka the last one that thegr8199kings aim handle of course sent me with the kega fusion emulator and each time when i put on the playoff matchups on the main screen if i have it as detroit vs calgary on his screen it shows edmonton vs chicago and never works. Any solutions to that. Cause it works on the gens emulator only that one only lets you play one game from the round and then goes to a different team matchup.
  11. k i found the solution to how to get it to work in the nhl 95 a hackers dream thread so this thread can be deleted if need be thanks
  12. holy i didn't see this thread before when i needed help on getting the sound and stuff to work but now that i saw this thread it helped me get it working perfect and big thanks goes to wboy your screens showing how to get it to work did wonders and i got to thank you. cause nhl 95 for pc has always been my favorite. just one thing tho is there a trick to make dosbox make my controller work cause it doesn't come up telling me to calibrate my controller.
  13. ok well i got it installed perfectly it even runs in my windows xp without using dosbox but then there's no sound or if i click on soundblaster then there's a screwed up sound. Does anyone know how i can fix it so i can get the sound to work perfectly. whenever i try to run it with dosbox of course it gives me a pointer error.