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  1. This is definitely true. Pat LaFontaine is THE WORST at kicking the puck after a beautiful pass. Here's my list of worst puck kickers. Wondering if anybody agrees or has more: LaFontaine Granato Larmer Oates Geoff and Russ Courtnall LeBeau Sundin Dineen Others seem to always catch the puck no matter what: Sandstrom LeMagnifque Gretzky Bob Errey Brett Hull Broten Roenick Richer Turgeon Gilmour Sakic
  2. TB should not be on this list. Islanders, Pens, Devils, and Caps are worse
  3. The best defensive team in the game. Oates-Juneau-Donato line is lethal with Ted covering for Borque and Sweeney covering for Oates, they are tough on defense. A little weak up the middle with Juneau being more offense minded, the other 4 are very defensive minded and more than make up for Joe. Oates can dish the puck all over the ice and Juneau is average at setting up and sniping one-timers but he makes the ones he should make and is very steady overall. Donato can chip in with mid range slappers and quick passes to Oates who seems to always set up right next to the net for slam dunks.
  4. I am very surprised nobody has mentioned Ken Sutton as the 2nd defender on this loaded team. Ken Sutton 8 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/4 awareness, 2/2 shot, 1/3 sth/pass. He's reduced to poke checking and holding on defense but he's always in sound position to get in the way and hold the action up for a screaming LaFontaine to dump truck anybody on that side of the ice. When he does get the puck, he's adept at accurately passing the puck up to a darting Mogilny or LaLa. Ledyard's plus skating makes him appealing but at 2/3 awareness, I can't get him to consistently be in position to make a play
  5. I think it's the 4/3 awareness more than anything. He and Housley always seem to be racing back to their zone and it takes great skill to get them harnessed in to make a play.
  6. When you add the goalie into the mix, you get these rankings: T-1. Boston---Sweeney and Borque form the best defensive tandem and Moog is solid, especially in MC T-1. Montreal---down the list on D pairing, Roy puts the total defense back at the Top of the list T-1. Chicago---Belfour and Chelios are the cream of the crop while Smith eats all the cream and the crops. T-4. Buffalo---Svoboda is a Top 10 Dman with plus skating and checking ability galore. Ledyard is ok, he has games where he cluelessly wanders around the ice. Fuhr is the 3rd best goalie in the game. They would be in that
  7. I love the Premium tip. I did a little investigating and 10 teams have a combo that meets Premium's requirements Boston---Borque has 4/6 awareness and both he and Sweeney are 4 or better agility. Easily the best combo in the league Calgary---Both Suter and Macinnis qualify skating wise and Suter sports 4/5 awareness. Frank Musil also qualifies at 4/4 skating and 2/3 awareness. I personally like Dahlquist and his 3/3 skating and 1/4 awareness. He and Teppo seem to guard the net better than anybody in the game Buffalo--Svoboda is a 4/4 skater with 3/4 awareness but does a much better job
  8. That was pretty much my point for a "noob" like me. I'm sure the pros have no trouble harnessing his speed and getting him into position when he makes one of his many up ice excursions. He would be a must play for me on a team like MTL, STL, HFD, PHI, or TOR. Can you imagine the damage he would do on TOR or MTL?? You know what they say though...If "ifs" were "5ths" we'd all be drunk.
  9. Been playing a lot with these guys and really like Todd. He seems to cash on more chances than his 2/3 shot says he should. Could it be the vaunted "long stick" that goes along with 3/4 skating? Whatever it is, he seems to pot a ton of chances inside the circles and provides a nice balance with Simpson sniping on the left. Both wings have 4 speed and Klima is a world beater at C with 5/5 skating and 4/5 shot. His 5sth seems to offset his 7 weight as he controls the puck nicely and is a joy to handle. He's not out of control like the 6/6 skating Mogilny for a novice like me. I've messed
  10. I'm going to try that. I love these discussions. Greatest video game of all time
  11. Coffey is incredible if you choose to add him to the offensive mix, my only point is that will all the firepower up front for DET, you can make a stingy defense with Vlad and Nick and let the forwards do the offensive damage.
  12. You guys are superior skaters compared to what I can accomplish so maybe you can control Coffey better and avoid getting knocked on your ass. I suppose that makes up for his porous D but not for me. I love knowing Vlad and Nick will be waiting in front of the net if my opponent swipes a pass or gets a clean rebound and heads up ice. In those instances Coffey usually comes flying down the ice and over skates the play. Coffey would be incredible on a team like MTL, TOR, STL or QUE where they need the speed, but on Detroit I have to agree with AJ and stick Coffey on the bench
  13. I think that was the Miller Lite talking last night. Dino is not JR, but I like him better than other lightweight forwards like Gretzky, Fleury, LaFontaine, Bradley, Bure, Ronning, and Gilmour because of that incredible 5/5 shot. He's a beast Coffey best Dman in the league? Obviously I respect your opinion being a veteran but he's not even the best Offensive defender in the game IMHO. Borque and Housley are better offensively. Coffey can't shoot, he doesn't play D, and he's a fatty. He reminds me of a slightly upgraded Zarley Zalapski, which isn't bad but when you have the offensive fi
  14. I'm all for putting Drake at RW and letting him play D with Vlad and Nick (btw, Vladimir Konstantov is a righty, not a lefty as indicated). Dino is one of the most dangerous wings in the game at 180 lbs and 5/5 shooting with 4/5 skating. He is the BEST 2 way winger in the game IMHO. Yzerman is the perfect center and the other 3 play defense while Drake isn't helpless on offense with D focused on 19 and 22. This team is perfect. No flaws. So good they sit Coffey and they are even better. Chicago can't hang
  15. I personally think the QUE Defense is rated too low. 7 & 28 work very well together back there and provide a little CB checking when you need it. I think they are worth 5.5-6.0. I slide Kovalenko in the middle flanked by Sundin and Sakic and they really play defense! Maybe it's just "The Terminator" roaming the entire ice, but I find Curtis and Steve stay back and plant themselves in front of the net nicely, now Hextall on the other hand.....ugh. He's the most inconsistent keeper in the game. He literally stands on his head for periods at a time and then he will give up 5 goals in