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  1. I have quit Classic league and Blitz league will be my final league to play in or manage, for the time being. I am reluctant to "retire" as so many others in the community have done, but it's time for me to move on. If I do return, it would be to run (and probably not play in) a revived Capitalism League in the summer or later, NHL 94 needs to be put on the back burner as I work on other projects. Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to play and the friendships that I have forged here
  2. hit me up tomorrow afternoon/early evening
  3. alright, I leave the decision in your capable hands
  4. Classic was supposed to try and represent a real season (someone told me this, either you or FPB, recently)...well, the NHL hasn't had 10 minute overtime for over 65 years, and has never had an overtime period last LONGER than a regular period. This is more classicky than classic.
  5. nhl94_classic_spring_2009.bin HERE IT IS
  6. Wait... ...someone find smoz's "better blue" rom and rename it. I want that to be the rom we use (5 minute OT instead of 10).
  7. This isn't an attack, so nobody take it as such. Nobody died, but they did put me in charge of Classic for now. I never gave FPB any authority, nor did I say "if someone wants to help/run the thing, just do it." He could have (and still SHOULD) talk to me, I'm on AIM enough of the time and am more than willing to cede a portion of the Classic league to him. Gihtarman has offered his help to run the SNES side. Anyone, FPB included, may send me an AIM asking to help. It's spring, we started the registration about a month ago, and I think this is fine. For a league of this type and tradition, a long rego period isn't the worst thing ever...
  8. And I am not approving his concept. FPB I don't mean to be rude - stepping up to run the damn thing is a noble cause, especially when I have about as much NHL94 excitement as a pile of turds, but I outlined a system that is pretty much along the lines of what Halifax wanted to do last time. If anyone, including FPB, would like to run part or all of the league, please run it through me first. This is still on my to-do list, right after finding a job, getting health insurance, moving out of my parent's house and winning the Stanley Cup.
  9. Vetoed simply for the fact that OTL are even mentioned. I think I have this power and am using it. If FPB wants to run his own league using these guidelines nobody is stopping him, but classic is classic and at the very least needs to use the 2-1-0 point system. I know I've been lazy but it's justified: there have been people adding to the list all month. Some of the most successful classic leagues have had a LONG time to wait between making the lists and making the league. I'll run through the teams tonight and we will begin on April 1st.
  10. San Jose (11-71-2, 24 pts) Ottawa (10-70-4, 24 pts) Most wins is first tiebreaker.
  11. It's okay though...contrary to popular belief we were NOT the worst team that season.
  12. I bet the Sharks never paid you though ;D 134340
  13. Ant: nhl94.com is still evan's. "gdl.nhl94.com" should simply be a subcategory of the main site.
  15. We had a couple of things that we tried last time around, but it looks like we won't have nhl94online, or anything like it, until at least the summer. Those of you that indicated that you wouldn't play without an uploader, please reply or IM me letting me know if you're still interested.
  16. lol Pete. BTW, beach soccer has three periods and is five-on-five, you might think about that. The coding inside NHL94 has names for the three periods ("1st," "2nd," "3rd," and "OT") in multiple places. Simply adding periods might be very difficult, but subtracting them might not be as hard.
  17. lol I figured you'd find it (I saw it somewhere along the way).
  18. Don't underestimate the power of hobos. Except that I'm not in an internet cafe. I'm at work. Doing important things. Ottawa: I'm in ur town messing wit ur stuff.
  19. lol no I'm going to make sure he doesn't leave the booth. I'm also going to tell him you said that.
  20. In this thread we post all of the more intimate details that we don't really want people to find out about on the intarwebs. This is a direct response to that other thread. Okay me first... 134340.
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