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Found 24 results

  1. EIHL '20 for NHL94 Gens - Genesis _ NHL 94 - EIHL 19-20 Edition V1.1 2021 03 14 2021-03-14 16-28-55.mp4 Huge shoutout to @LaTormenta @MonkeyHead for helping me getting used to a new league and providing all the rosters, lines, logos, and addition material. I just did the graphics. Limited to the 10 team EIHL league. New 2nd & Main splash screens, plus logos. All 10 team team select logos and center ice. Team overall's adjusted based on # of players/overall team value. Aaron Murphy bring you in game action via Premier Sports. EIHL '20 (94).bin
  2. BY BRIAN MAAHS ON JANUARY 4, 2017PORTLAND WINTERHAWKS Those of you who have played NHL ’94 on Sega Genesis know exactly what I’m talking about. Sixteen bits of sweat inducing hockey excitement, smack talking, and staying up late on school nights trying to win Lord Stanley’s Cup one more time before passing out. Until I started playing hockey video games, I knew next to nothing about the sport of ice hockey. NHL ’94 taught me the meaning of “icing” and how to keep fr
  3. Hello All, I'm doing something that might have been attempted or not. But thought the conversation may need to be asked. What are your thoughts of merging NHL94 and NHL95? Using the players from 94 in 95? Using end of period/penalties screen from 94 into 95?
  4. NHL94 Magazin - The Monthly Round Up As playing in a Pinball League i get to know some little Pinball Magzines like the one from PINHEADZ. Having some night-shifts i tried to build one for us... I would need some Input / Infos / News to produce one every month but it might be quite nice having one ... Projekt: How to Fould: 1. 2. 3.
  5. Hi Guys, anyone wants to help me to put 12 Teams on French league on NHL 94. I see some European teams on nhl 95 in CHL 21 I put in bracket arena location Here are the 12 teams: - Amiens Gothiques (Le Coliséum) - Angers Les Ducs (Angers IceParc) - Anglet Hormadi (Patinoire de la Barre) - Bordeaux Boxers (Patinoire Mériadeck) - Briançon Les Diables Rouges (Patinoire René-Froger) - Gap Les Rapaces (Alp'Arena) - Grenoble Les Bruleurs de Loups (Patinoire Pole Sud) - Cergy-Pontoise Les Jokers (Aren'Ice) - Mulhouse Scorpions-Team Synerglace (Pat
  6. ### SNES NHL94 Summer League 2020 ### If chaos agrees, I would organize anothers SNES Summer League. ### Register ### Just post your nickname here. ### Rom & Rules ### Rom and Rules an in the normal SNES League, fom the site. Rom for the playoffs ist the SNES Playoff Rom, fom the site. ### Draft ### A random generator determines the order of the draft. ### Format ### SNES Summer League is an one divion league. Any Team has two home and two away games. The top half
  7. Vancouver, Genesis and SNES Players! Hope to see you all at The Battle of Vancouver ! Registration Link - Start off the New Year by playing in the first NHL 94 Tournament of The Decade! It's the first annual "Battle of Vancouver" where we'll crown the very best NHL 94 player on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo! Join us at The Charles Bar in the heart of Downtown Vancouver for a day of competive retro video game hockey action and good times. There'll be cash prizes and a trophy for
  8. Hello Everyone! I have now finished the BETA version of this rom, so I'll release it for people to play while I make it better. I used NOSE to edit Skip and Slapshot's Playoff rom(Under his permission). I plan to add a new title screen, Different rating, and remove a few players. Notes: Sedin brothers will be in for one last time Only the lines are editied, but by the time the rom is complete, it will be much, much different(ok maybe a stretch) Sorry Winnipeg fans: I couldn't edit the lines to make it 2v2, NOSE wouldn't let me, so it still has 5 players on a li
  10. The WI tournament featuring the greatest hockey game of all time, NHL94 is back! Pucks Out 4 Harambe is our 2nd NHL94 tournament, and plans to be even bigger and better than our first effort! Our goal for turnout would be a 50% increase over last tournament, which was 16. We are hoping for at least 24-32 for this event, and have enough systems to support as many as 64 players! Cash prizes await the top 3 finishers, and the opportunity to hoist Lord Manly's Cup! Townline Pub and Grill, 2455 Lineville Road, Green Bay, WI, Saturday M
  11. Hey everyone, Now that the tournament in Vegas is over, (and hopefully the hangovers too) I wanted to announce that I am working on the details of our next Green Bay WI NHL94 event. We are aiming for one of the later weekends in February 2018, and the venue is looking to be different. Some good friends are going to be opening up a Virtual Reality and retro arcade in Green Bay, and that is looking to be our tournament home. I don't have much more details than this, other than if this works out, attendees will be able to take advantage of the venue's arcade experience, while
  12. I think in order to attract other hidden would be "buds", we should all follow the various social media and content platforms of the organizers/streamers/league recorders out there, and get their content views so it shows up in more NHL94 related searches. If you post content, be it live, or after the fact, please post your related social media and content platform links so that new and old buds can easily follow you and share content. I'll go first. Facebook : Facebook individual profile for gaming
  13. I wanted to make a thread for buds to post where they'd be coming from. I know a number of you may be on the fence based on travel expenses or time. If you can share expenses, it makes the burden lighter. Let's put out where buds are coming from, and see if we can consolidate some costs. While we feel growth will continue locally as reputation grows, we truly feel the competitive spirit will be kindled by the traveling buds out there. For the would be flyers, it seems that it's a better value to fly into MKE rather than GRB Airports, leaving some opportunities for sharing a rental
  14. Hello! My name is Will Barboza, I'm a writer with Vice Gaming (now called Waypoint). I'm doing a profile on the NHL 94 Online community and I'm looking for current or past players who'd be interested in doing an interview. The article will be a feature about this site, NHL 94, and its loyal fanbase. Below are some clippings of my past work you can read (if you're interested). 1. 2.
  15. Guys, I've been given two dates in March that particularly work with my schedule as of right now. Those dates are March 18th and 25th. There are those that have expressed interest in making the journey this time. Please reply with your availability if you are in fact serious. I'd like to get the date locked down ASAP before it's no longer available. I'm sincerely hoping that we can get some more traveling talent this time around, especially from the states. Also, I would consider the addition of a SNES bracket, but would need considerable help from the community in
  16. Not sure if anyone else saw this but I found this pretty funny... 1. Saw this in my email yesterday. Well that sounds interesting lets check it out... "NHL '94" Daily update ⋅ January 15, 2017 WEB Inside NHL '94, Official Guide (Official Strategy Guides) Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:2o6jx6j ... Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Umiejętności w Łodzi DOWNLOAD Inside NHL '94, Official Guide
  17. Hey guys, Not sure if this has been posted before but I found this online in-browser version of NHL 94. It actually plays out really smoothly. Now I'm wondering if we would be able to find a way to add multiplayer support to this. Looks like it is built on JavaScript.
  18. Hello all, just wondering would there be possibility to make a hack, where all players on ice have their number and position showing all the time. You know like now the player who have the puck on control, have number and position showed below him. Would it be a hard hack to do?
  19. Not sure who's noticed this as well but on the homepage but the site features "Genesis, Sega CD & SNES". However, I searched the forums and there are no threads about the Sega CD version of 94! I don't want to start anything but it's funny how Sega CD is listed before SNES. Just sayin' ;-) So this is going to be the thread to discuss all things Sega CD (which considering the popularity of this system will most likely be the shortest discussion this site has seen) About a month ago, I purchased a Sega CD recently and then bought a couple copies of '94. I fired it up on Su
  20. I just did the entire set up to play online. does anyone want to play an online game so i can learn how to start an online game and play my first online game. thanks.
  21. So I just had an idea of doing a little tournament with some of the GDL teams vs Classic teams. Probably the top 8 of each or something and then run a Champions league tournament. While I do think pretty much any GDL roster would be much better built, it would still be fun.
  22. Hey guys hope you guys are having a good day so far and also this is my first post on the forums so Any ways what I wanted to tell everyone about is that NHL 15 on Xbox 360 and Ps3 will have the NHL 94 anniversary mode Online isn't that awesome and hopefully the admins will add this versions of the game to Leauge also the game come's out on September 9th and hopefully if they do add the version's of the game on to the league they will start the league right when NHL 15 comes also if they do this it will probably bring all the people who only have a Xbox 360 and a Ps3 to come join this awesome