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Found 2 results

  1. I was asked to explain how to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo. Here you go: First open NHLinfo and select if you want to edit default databases or season. Teams stats should be opening there by default, if not, you can change it from left corner selecting teams as viewing mode. Press couple of times left arrow key to move left until screen changes to teams miscellaneous. Select team name from "Team (Long)"-column which you want to change, in this case Tamba Bay Lightning: When selected, just press enter and following window will open: Then just change team name, in this cas
  2. I have created custom rosters for every team but for some reason every time I click 'new exhibition game' it freezes before going to the loading screen and scouting report. It does this for only one team out of the 26. I've narrowed it down to one of the db files causing the problem. Does anyone know which db files the game reads when it loads a new exhibition game so I can try to narrow it down further?