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Found 4 results

  1. INTRO: Yo! So as the title says, my goal for this romhack was to create an all-time rosters game for NHL 95, specifically used for season mode will line changes ON! This of course means 26 teams. Now I'm not a romhacking pro so, I don't know how to change logos and banners. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO HELP UPDATE THIS, LET ME KNOW! I'd love to have Carolina/Colorado get their proper logos on center ice, and proper banners in the menus. I'm having people choose the team they think will win the cup, and I will be donating a game on Steam to the person who controls the winning team! A few teams are already taken but, feel free to follow and check for updates to see who's ahead. There's going to be stuff people disagree with as there's only so much space on a rom but, I wanted this to be different than every other 'all time' rom. When I say 'all time' that means teams will have players from every era, even if some era's don't have any hall of famers for a specific team, I still want 1-2 players from every decade represented! So all your obvious players will be there but, many of the extra slot players will be more uniquely selected than your average 'all time' romhack. Stuff like, playing longer than anyone else did in a specific era for that franchise and being on a finals team would make someone eligible, over someone who was the 10th best player on a dynasty type team with 9 other players on the roster already. Eventually I'll shift some stuff up though for future seasons! UPDATE: Have found someone to help with replacing Colorado/Carolina, and I also have added some players to teams with space via moving around the free bytes. I also am going through teams I may have done faster and correcting the left/right handedness. A few of the teams I rushed through and messed up the handedness as I was so anxious to finally start playing it and testing it out. I am going to wait until I complete the fixes before releasing an update! I also will be eventually porting this to NHL 94 with the hack applicator to fix the 94 weight bug, and a few other small 94 changes that aren't doable for 95. THE ROSTERS: THE BEST PART! I spent 2 weeks just doing these rosters with Hockey Reference up the entire time. The players chosen are based on 3 things: How many seasons and games played, and points scored for that franchise (not in their whole career, JUST FOR THAT TEAM!), players who did something special for a specific team that they also were on for several seasons, and players who were on stanley cup teams, and also finals appearing teams, especially for those who've never won the cup or been to only a few finals. Players need to have generally played 5-6 years for each franchise. There's a few exceptions of course, if they did something important for a team like, Ray Bourque on Colorado winning the cup, Selanne on the Jets scoring 76 goals and winning the Calder, etc. The players were made with accurate weights, numbers, hands, and ratings based on how each player played for that specific team. So Gretzky is going to have a better rating on the Oilers than the Kings or Rangers, for example. No player will be on more than 3 teams. I wanted to have some very oldschool players, some 80s 90s players, some 00s-10s players, and some current roster players, for each team as well. Also, because of the limit on number of forwards, some forwards will be forced to be listed as defenseman. But you can still use NOSE to put them as forward in lines easily if you want! THE RATINGS: Player ratings will also have specific balances. Endurance will be 4 or 5 for every player, since it's an Edit Lines rom. All ratings will between 3-6 except roughness, checking, and aggression which will be between 1-4. This is simply how the games ratings work, as generally there's only a few players with a 4 rating on checking and none are higher. Otherwise, you get 50 penalties a game. Your overall ratings for each player will be all over 70, with only the best of the best at 90 and higher. Goalies will generally be around 80-85 since goaltending is kinda easier in NHL95, but none will be over 91. Again, this is the GOAT players/teams. There's no reason to have anyone under a 70 on your legend team, that's just not fun! The average rating in the game is probably like 83. Also, weights are balanced, generally between 6-A with a few higher and a few lower. None will be above B. EXTRA NOTES: I'm using Winnipeg with players from BOTH FRANCHISES since they do have two franchises worth of history. They're the only team with this unique situation but, I feel it's only fair. There's a few other tiny issues like player name length, I tried using full names but, some I shortened a bit, and may have to shorten some more like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Oliver Ekman-Larsson so they don't stretch off the right side! I did on one occasion score with Ryan and it had a small bug where a letter stayed on the screen after the goal. Simply pressing start twice to go into and out of the options fixed that in literally 1 second. But there's only 2 players with names this long so, I wouldn't worry about it. Player numbers are accurate BUT, in some cases I used a number that a player wore on a different team, due to there being 3 players on the same team with the same number. In some cases, I just left 2 players with the same number but, only if I absolutely had to, to avoid using a fictional number. But those players are generally separated between offense defense, and it's easy to tell anyways with the position indicators. Some teams I did a bit faster than others, so some of the left/right handed is still incorrect, and simply balanced. However a very good portion of the players have their correct hand. I plan on redoing some ratings and re checking things after my first season, but this took forever, and I wanted to just play the game already! NHL 95 WIDE! ALL TIME!.bin
  2. Hello NHL95 Enthusiasts!!! I'm delighted to announce NHL22 (95) Reloaded has arrived. All Divisions Realigned to Traditional Divisions!!! Update image of the announcer Updated rosters as of October 13, 2021 and lines updated to reflect opening night rosters. (Dailyfaceoff.com and puckpedia.com) Seattle Kraken in Season Mode. New Intros splashes. Updated Ice Original Banners Some top prospects with their new teams (Lafrienere, Byfield, etc.). Futures are the top prospects for the 2022 Draft and the Legends return as the Hall of Famers. Small Issue with Calgary and Boston Logos in start Menu. But does not effect the game. Hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback. A zip file is included below for anyone wanting the box art and file together for RetroArch or alternative front end emulators. UltraMagnus NHL '22 (95).bin
  3. NFL Blitz Enthusiasts!!! Im happy to introduce NFL Blitz 2020 - Preseason edition. Im aware that this isnt an SNES game, but falls under the Nintendo umbrella. Rosters updated as of today (August 13,2020). Team Ratings updated as of today (August 13,2020). If there is anything you would like to see in the game, please let me know and enjoy!!! NFL Blitz 2020-PS.z64
  4. Hey guys, Since my window for playing games is pretty tight, I want to start this thread to schedule my games with you so I can stay ahead of these checkpoints. Week 1: Tue 10/13: 7-10 CST (maybe.. depending on work today and tomorrow) Thu 10/15: 7-10 CST Sun 10/18: 8-10 CST (maybe depending on when I get home from weekend) Mon 10/19: 7-10 CST
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