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Found 4 results

  1. This might seem like a weird question/issue. I've done ROM editing for NES/SNES. But this is my first time trying Genesis. I want to edit logos in NHL 94. I'm using Tile Layer Pro. But have also tried using Tile Molester. Everytime I edit some tiles, I press save. But when I try to load up my edited rom in an emulator, it won't play. The emulator just stays at a black screen. I tried then loading the rom in Tile Layer Pro again, and this time I just edited ONE TILE in the pittsburgh pengiuns logo just to try it again. Saved the Rom in Tile Layer Pro. Loaded it in several emulators, but it won't play. Again, it just shows a black screen. Any Ideas? It seems like I must have some sort of setting wrong. (I have tried the auto-fix checksum feature, but that didn't do anything either). Any help out there?
  2. I've noticed a big difference in gameplay with the Gens ROMs versus playing on the console years ago. Though it was never a guarantee, there were many times the computer would match your line choice (you pick SC1, it does the same for the opponent; you pick CHK and it does the same to match) Playing on the Gens Emulator, I see this as occurrence as far and few between. This used to be something I'd do on the console out of habit at the start of the second period, so when the inevitable fight happens, I could have a Probert scrap with Domi instead of Wendel Clark vs. Chelios. Now what I find with the ROMs (96,97,98 to be exact) is the CPU team's SC1 plays 45 mins of the game and only occasionally tires. Then SC2 comes in for a minute or less, and SC1 is fully recharged and we never see CPU's CHK line at all. I'm trying to do video captures of the game and want to make it realistic as possible, except of course, the 100 shots against per 60 mins. Anyone know how to fix that, I'd be glad to know. I'd most like to see rolling lines, so if anyone knows how to fix it, a cheat code, or a process to go through, please let me know. FYI, I have flirted with using NOSE to adjust Endurance ratings on the opponent's roster to "0" for the top lines, yet they still play 4 minute or more shifts . I had thought there was something you can do with the controller setup on the pregame menu to fix this, but I've hit a wall on this. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello All, I'm new to using NOSE, EARE, etc. I'm basically 'porting' my All-Time Rosters ROM from SNES over to Gens. I am using Sauce's 2021 32-team ROM as a base with the help of @seamor. I have already updated the team order, the home/away/pp/pk advantages, the number of selectable teams(30), the team ratings, the players, and the lines. I thought I was using the 30-team ROM from the start so rather than start over and use the 30-team ROM as a base I'd like to just continue with the progress I've already made on this 32-team ROM if possible. What I'm looking for help on is basically tying the new order of the teams with the actual team name and logos. I believe I would need to update pointers and, if needed, rearrange team data in the hex code to properly align with the correct team. I'm not sure where to start after browsing the forums for a while now. I will be copying logos and colors from the default NHL 94 ROM as a base to start with. I will then most likely update the jersey colors to align with my SNES version. I have also never used Tile Molester before after opening it one time and immediately feeling discouraged lol.
  4. Marty


    Here is my first NHL'94 hack http://www.4shared.com/zip/-8rEvGP8ba/IIHF_IHWC.html -23 IIHF Teams from 2015 -6 Olympic Teams -1 ALL-STAR team IIHF 2011-2014 -new splash screens -new commentator -new cup image -team rosters from 2014 and many more...
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