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Found 6 results

  1. I need serious help... I want to add custom names to players, maximize skill points and stats and change some rules... I also want to change the photos of players in NHL '94 with other images for private use... How did I go about all this!?!? Can someone please help me???
  2. This is something of a "what if" ROM that mainly stemmed from wanting an edit of NHLPA 93 on my EverDrive but knowing that the expanded ROMs don't work on it. Working with the original ROM limited my options a little so I decided to adapt the "legally distinct" rosters from the PS2 NHL 06 version of NHL 94. In a way it makes it like the Virtual Console version of Tecmo Bowl - a rerelease with no license for the league or its players. I removed as much of the NHLPA branding as I could but the approach I took meant I had to leave a variation of the logo on the main menu, otherwise it would affect the menu borders. The NHLPA name is gone as far as I know, though. Technically Ron Barr and the EASN logo shouldn't be here either but those are problems for another time, probably. I revised the pregame dialogue to accommodate the changed player names, including writing something entirely new for Ottawa. Each team's roster is essentially the 94 version but the overall ratings on this screen are still the same as the original game. Adapting 94 to 93 naturally means that Dallas is Minnesota and there's no Anaheim or Florida. The all-star teams were also removed because the way data got shuffled to fit the new rosters had the side effect of breaking the pointer used for their location data on the pregame screen. Hockey 93.bin
  3. I need help trying to change team cities, names and arenas, players, numbers and names and logos for all EA NHL games for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo (my preferred games: NHLPA 93 [GEN/SNES], NHL '94 [SNES], NHL '97 [GEN/SNES] and NHL '98 [GEN/SNES])... NOSE and EARE don't go as far nor as customary as I hoped for...
  4. The word on the street is that the King of '94 WI tournament, albeit a bit light in numbers(15), was a tremendous success. We anticipate a much greater traveling and local turnout next year. Our goal is to have an annual tournament with this game, and stick to that. In the meantime, I have over a dozen CRT screens, 10 Sega Genesis consoles of my own, access to more via friends, and a burning thought that we could be doing something else with them. There seems to be a lot of love for NHLPA '93 out there, the carts are very inexpensive, and I also have love for other 1993 mainstays including Mortal Kombat II and Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition on that system, which I also happen to have carts of. If we sought out hosting a January or February event in 2017, mainly focused on NHLPA 93, with side fun tournaments(something would be on the line) on the other two games after its conclusion, would you want to make the trip to Green Bay to be apart of it? We would take the same intense approach as we did with NHL 94 in the way of planning, promotion, and execution. I already have an idea for the tournament name, King of '93 - WI, Gretzky's Head. I'd like your thoughts, if you have any. Sincerely, Trojan
  5. does anyone know if anyone basically took the orginal NHLPA 93 rom and just added ice logos to each team. I love the orginal game with the orginal rosters but I always wanted a version of that game that had the ice logos for each team. thanks.
  6. hello! i'm back again with another updated rom... NHLPA Hockey '94 is the update for the original NHL '94 onto the NHLPA Hockey '93 rom. The game menu for picking teams has Los Angeles vs Montreal. All uniforms are all up to date (like Hartford's away uniform from green to dark blue) Ottawa and Tampa Bay roster are all updated with new players.All player rosters are exact as per NHL '94 and also www.nhl94.com,and even the all-star teams. The rink is slightly changed as well with a darker touch as the original blue rink. on another note there is no Mighty Ducks and Panthers. I might edit the All-Star teams into Anaheim and Florida at another date. Anyways...here's the update...NHLPA '94.bin If you have any comments...Please be free to do so. Enjoy!!!
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