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Found 1 result

  1. In 2018, a user by the name of Super Roboprotector, made a hacked rom for Blades of steel, and adds a violent twist to the game, turning hockey into deathhockey or Deathmatch Hockey. Now what i mean by that, is that it does more then change team colors and names of the 8 teams but overhauls the gameplay and the a.i. to live up to the premise of its name. The AI of your team mates and the CPU team are even more ruthless and will not hesitate to knock anyone in their path with a full check or hit. they will also start fights more often and when a fight does happen, the HP of the player is increased to 8 rather then 5 and the indicator is invisible. But this is where the "death match" part of the rom comes in, instead of the defeated player getting dragged to penalty box, the player is left there on the ice and remains knocked out completely with a team down a man and playing short for the rest of the period and with the fights being kicked up to 11, the carnage will to continue rise with more K.O'd players of both team littering the rink to the point of one team ending up with no one but a goalie. It just might make you question if you are even playing Blades of steel or a homebrewed Mutant league hockey for the NES. Luckily all Knocked players will only get up during period changes sometimes one or two guys might get up if a team lost all if not almost-all of its players. Imagine adding all this concept in any NHL rom that allows fighting (preferably NHLPA Hockey '93) Not at all convinced? well no need to worry heres some gameplay video from the very same romhacker himself playing for the Scorpions taking on the Sub-Zeros. And just for you, a patched rom for to play for your self, as always this rom is by Super Roboprotector He also did another BOS hacked rom called the Goon mod WIll you survive Deathmatch Hockey? Deathmatch hockey (patched).nes