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Found 6 results

  1. I Feel a Mutant League Hockey vibe from this game. UHC is a physics-driven arcade 3D hockey that offers: ragdoll physics upon big bodycheck impact even through shattering glass panes and into benches, Exploding mines on the ice that reduce players to limbs and body parts, an ice rink arena turned into a battle zone littered with blood and a stacking body count, dirty tricks assigned to different team member roles, center and wings scrum and brawl for the faceoff as the puck drops from above, I should mention the puck has razorsblades and the puck can be sent flying by a single shot rather its a high or low shot, the ability to play differents roles during the faceoff and a built-in replay feature where you can edit and save your moments from the game and top it off as the games name: Hockey in H-E double hockey sticks of the underworld, literally. Not bad for an open source game created by one man, its made in 2009 and could have gone far to adding management elements and other gameplay elements, or better yet. got remade in unity or unreal engine. or just wait for Mutant Hockey League to be made. This game can be sometimes hard to find, so I will also post it here for you guys to play for yourselves. keep in mind, certain elements were not programmed as the creator abandon the development of this game (forfeits and the match ending when the entire team is dead, online play no longer works as there is no network or host server, certain parts of the pause menu score stats were not programmed, team and player stats are not implemented.) also there are third party libraries in the folder you need to install in order to get the game to work.
  2. Hello, So I know this is not a hockey question but I know there are people here who have vast experience of ROM editing for the Genesis and have produced very enjoyable NHL rom hacks. I am trying to do update ATP Championship Tennis for the Genesis. I have located where the images sit on the ROM, but I do not know how to extract the palette information (offset for the palette via the hex editor) from the black and white image. I know EA used a similar concept for the NHL series and was looking for help. I know how to edit the text and player abilities but I would like to change some of the images. I would appreciate any assistance.
  3. bruins68

    online play.

    I just did the entire set up to play online. does anyone want to play an online game so i can learn how to start an online game and play my first online game. thanks.
  4. Just released a limited edition 16-bit EA SPORTS Hockey player t-shirt to kick off the Winter Olympics. Here's the product page: We read on this forum that $35 seems like a high price, so feel free to use the code UNIQE for 20% off. GO USA!
  5. I've already tried posting this on but it didn't seem to spur any interest. I've tested the game (I will supply the ROM) and it works fine, but the speech is a little off. The rules would include auto line changes and offsides. I just wanted to try something different from NHL '94. I've also created a format. If anyone has any interest I will post further details. It would be played via Let me know!