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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I wanted to share some work I did. I went in and changed the uniform sprites. Instead of having shared arm and leg stripes I made them separate. As well, I used the Skate blade colour as the shoulder stripe and have the middle arm/leg stripe as its own. So basically, Shoulder Stripes, trim, Arm/leg stripes, and Arm/leg trim all have their own colours CG86F4.bmp NHL93(94-95).bin Feel free to check it out or copy and paste the uniform sprites. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback!
  2. Hello everyone, I am a programmer with about a year and a half of programming experience in C++, and slowly learning a few other languages like Python, Javascript, and so on. I recently tried the Unity game development environment, and found it quite powerful. I personally find that the non-console options for Hockey video games are rather thin. Now that EA no longer develops the NHL series for the PC, there is no (at least to my knowledge) hockey games available more current than NHL09 on the PC, and the best available on IOS or android are laughable at best (Im looking at you Ice Hockey 3D!). The ability of Unity to target multiple platforms easily might allow for creating a much nicer sort of NHL94 clone that could be run on a laptop or a tablet. The trouble is, I havent had much luck in finding decent assets for the project, namely spritesheets for the players. So far, the best I have been able to find has been this: which is nice, but a little bit thin as far as animations and other good things that would really be needed for a decent game. In a perfect world, I would just use a tile editor and directly rip the sprites from NHL94 straight out of the game, but that would obviously lead to uhh.. you know legal repercussions down the road. I was wondering if anyone with an artistic bent would be interested in creating a sprite sheet that very closely mimicks the style of NHL94 (isometric projection, relatively low resolution sprites, properly proportioned players (no massively oversized heads etc.)) for a project like this? The project would be free and open-source, and proper credit would be given to any contributors. And lastly, just in case anyone is interested, my github page:
  3. Does anybody know where NHL95PC stores the in-game sprites? And if they are editable using software like Tile Molester or Tile Layer Pro?