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94 Needs To Go Green

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Everyone's going green now days. Why isn't nhl94 cashing in on this?

Let's face it: playing 94 leaves a carbon footprint. I know that some of the guys on here don't care about the environment, but, luckily for all of us, playing 94 can be good to the environment while being fun at the same time.

Ways that 94 players can go green:

- When you play 94, run your computer off of burger grease. It's better for the environment than plugging your computer into the wall.

- Power Kaillera Client using solar energy. It's not that hard.

- Reuse the paper that you keep scores on. I.e. write the first scores in pencil, then the next scores in marker over the ones in pencil. Double the scores on paper saves trees.

- When you're not playing 94, plant a tree. This will get you good exercise and make you feel like you are a part of the community.

Remember: Doing what's right doesn't have to be boring; it can make you feel good.

- Turn your monitor off between periods. You may not realize it, but your monitor uses energy.

- Do your laundry with vodka. Believe it or not, a few touched of vodka will freshen up your clothes.


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wowowowowowow that was wtf

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