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I have a question:

If we're not gonna use 7-minute periods for the games, why is it there? :P

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I have a question:

If we're not gonna use 7-minute periods for the games, why is it there? :blink:

Cause 6 was sold out? It's probably a vestige of Wboy's 30 team template - don't remember adding it myself.

By request I've added the AIM coach contact list to the standings and player stats pages.

Never intended to have coach names displayed publicly on the site so they were omitted from the sql calls when the data tables and css containers were built (at the time all teams were CPUBos etc).

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Added a Season 1 Finals recap, along with Game 6 The Movie entry and plugged the sub domain link into the menu on the root pages.

There's a new poll on the main page if anyone want's to vote on the format for season 2, but it won't officially determine the setup.

Will be revising some of the player ratings this weekend so if anyone has suggestions now would be a good time to air them out.

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Rom is revised.

The list of updated players are in the zip. Gartner is tamed, but still strong. Some other guys have a new lease on life too.

I'll never bee 100% satisfied with the ratings. The breach between the rating increments won't let me assign exactly what is deserved.

Editing is like the buckets of water from fantasia. I don't bother telling myself "last time" anymore.

Also thanks to Smozoma for EARE. I edited the PP, PK, Offense, Defense, Home, and away team ratings with it based mostly on the team stats from hockey-reference (which doesn't have as many errors as hockeydb.com I've found)

Mind is almost made up about doing a draft for next season. Still need to figure out how to do it quickly - maybe that's any oxymoron, or maybe I'm a moron for thinking it can be done quickly, but I'd like to try.

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Uploaded a better render of the game 6 video with help from the On2 VP6 codec.

Russian players now have profiles and pics, so, if you drafted a Ruskie his player page won't generate an error... Several of them never had hockey cards in North America which would be why some of them have the '?' player-bio pic. Bure has the lone bio pic that came from a Russian card.

Also updated about 30 NHL players who previously had the joker '?' pics.

Currently working on the layout for a new section that's the next big thing for the site. It will take a while to unveil.

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