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Clockwise, this is truly my favorite edit of NHL 94 and the best ever probably. Couple of suggestions to fix for this edit. There are only 2 things that cause a problem with the game. 1) You should have the actual 1991 playoffs pairings. This was one of the best playoffs in NHL history. I have 91 Stanley Cup Video and used to watch it daily when I was a kid. Go on Wikipedia to get the actual matchups. Adams - Boston vs Hartford, Montreal vs Buffalo, Patrick - Pittsburgh vs New Jersey, Rangers vs Washington, Norris - Chicago vs Minnesota, St. Louis vs Detroit, Smythe - Los Angeles vs Vancouver, Calgary vs Edmonton. 2) Why when you try to change teams during the playoff mode the screen and game freezes. Once you go past Winnipeg and Boston the game freezes. It's weird. That being said this edit is still amazing and the best for Gens. I only wish I knew how to edit 94 the way you do.

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hm, the crash could be caused by not setting up the playoff matchups. there shouldn't have been a BOS/WPG series, so that suggests the series were left the same, but the team indexes changed. which means there are probably settings in there telling it to make a matchup for teams that don't exist in the ROM (there are fewer teams in the 91 rom that 94, i think?)

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Actually, according to NOSE, the two All-Stars are programmed as the first two teams on the list. The way NHL 94 was set up, when you hit the end the list of available teams, (All-Stars West on the original game, CSKA [away]/Winnipeg[home] in the '91 edit), to avoid freezing the game will return to the top of the list (Anaheim on the original game, Campbell All-Stars on the '91 edit). When in playoffs, Going forward from Winnipeg, the last team on the list, or backward from Boston, the first team after the All-stars, the game detects that an All-star team is the next option in either direction. Because the two All-star teams are not part of any Playoff matchups, the game will freeze when you highlight Boston or Winnipeg. What needs to be done is that the edit needs to be done all over again so that the error can be avoided by placing the 21 NHL teams as the first choices. I tried doing this, by moving logos around, but an inability to edit the game's start-up banners in TLP or use Tile molester makes the logos greatly discolored (all yellow st.louis logo, green and red minnesota at start-up), and all the players names are mismatched with the photos, and I don't have the time, skill, or patience to re-arrange the photos properly, but the game doesn't freeze going through the playoff match-ups now. There must be someone who can fix the problem, but I can only diagnose.

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