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Roenick Is Goalden!

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How often do you guys think you score with Roenick? I'd score a lot with him, but I don't use the blackhawks very much.

A lot of times, I'll skate down the ice with Roenick. If it's open, I'll take a slapshot with him. I'm not afraid to pass it with Roenick. If he's open for a pass, it's a goal. He checks well. He skates with grace; watch him glide.

When I score with him, I feel bad because he's so good. However, it's not his fault that he's so good.



The sky is the limit with Roenick.



Roenick understands that it's a team game.



Sometimes scoring means helping someone else score!



Is this your love?


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but there was that 'king of overrated' bit in there, too...

I just prefer Yzerman, Bure or Selanne. I think that, Roenick, doesn't equal automatic win. Or that other players, can be considered as good as him, depending in which hands they are. Sandstrom is a monster in AJ's hand, and Bure, a nuclear missile, in Dmac's.

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