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Thanks guys!!

I want to try some things so I want to have a good understanding of how these ratings work....

What I do for games I don't play is allow the game to sim and then save the stats....

This way I can create leader boards and stats for the entire league....

I just let it run in the back round while working on my excel files.....

Another reason why I've been asking about stat extractors and some of the other programs....

Want to have some fun with this....


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Player Picture feature is no longer working correctly.

What am I doing wrong. It worked on tons of my old time roms earlier this year.

I can't even get it to do the default pictures properly.

Here is what happens.

On the opening screen I get scrambled pics.

Then on the Ron Barr page and player card page I get default player pictures.


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20 minutes ago, Jlnhlsegafan said:

I can't seem to edit player names.

It doesn't support doing that. You'll have to use NOSE to do that.

EARE is a tool that does some things that NOSE can't, but doesn't duplicate NOSE features. Rosters are displayed only because the data was read in to support the "Set player pictures" feature.

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4 minutes ago, Jlsegafan2001 said:

Is this program dead? If so, that's unfortunate, as I would have loved to be able to edit the credits and Ron Barr texts.

Not sure if it’s dead but if it is it’s because Smoz has spent the years since doing other unbelievable stuff for us.

Credits and Ron Barr can be edited using a hex editor. Not sure what offsets are… but if you just CNTL-F and put Electronic Arts and Ron Barr you get there within a few seconds. I would read about the formatting in AdamCatalyst’s hacking guide before doing this though just to get a hold on certain formatting cues.

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Yeah this isn't on my list of things to work on any time soon.

Sean has it right. You can open up the ROM in a hex editor and edit the Ron Barr text directly by Ctrl+F'ing for some of the words he uses ("welcome to"..). No instructions necessary. There are some tricky things like there are placeholders that get replaced by the team names etc, so don't break those (but you can move them..).

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