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2on2 League time?


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Lotta rumblings from ppl for a league...

there will only be 4 teams in the A lg, who better be the most active or this s**t is gona die.

If there are remaining ppl who want in youll be in B lg.

The reason only 4 teams in A lg is because year after year when we run this there are usually only a handful of teams that are actually active, while others go through a bunch of replacements, and second there are usually only four or so competitive teams anyway.

So lets see how much interest there is right now, if you wana play in a 2on2 league post here.

Dont need a partner yet, just wanna see whos dedicated to play.

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Signed up

1. habs

2. freydey

3. zalex

4. houlanov

5. meatskid1

6. donnybrook

7. shaftman

8. louie4teen

9. wags13

10. vocally caged

11. carse

12. flaming pavel bure

13. sebe

14. chris1knights

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Don't know, I have some reservations about this format..

Not to be a fatalist, after all 2on2 is my opus, and I did everything I could to keep the league rolling. But it's not easy finding an equilibrium for competition in this format.

Some teams can be grossly over matched when faced against some of the veterans who understand all of the nuances - intercepting goalie passes with the poke check - half wall wrap around 1 timers - who retrieves the puck on the draw, and who's going up ice etc.

For new guys to the team format the crux of the issue is how fast teammates develop synergy with one another and actually enjoy playing together.

Last season Los Angeles was the only teams able to finish every game. Some teams became disinterested after getting battered in the standings and just quit... Though the other half of some teams still wanted to finish up.

And there were only 6 clubs.

Could ad a schedule to the 2on2 site if it goes down.. Would like to hear some ideas on how the teams could be setup.

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hence the reason why there will be an A and B

and it will not be one's choice.

I definetely think the talent is alot better and deeper than it was the last few 2on2 tournaments.

But i'm open to any suggestions on a new format because yes this will likely be a struggle.

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Do you want to have permanent partners for each and every player? Here's what I'd do if not...

Even teams, no home-ice advantage, etc etc.

Every matchup is going to be 3 games between 4 people, with one player being the "host" team (in the case below, that's habs):

Game 1: clock+shaft @ redwing+habs

Game 2: clock+redwing @ shaft+habs

Game 3: redwing+shaft @ clock+habs

If there are no ties, one team will go 3-0 OR one team will go 0-3 (although this doesn't particularly matter that much, I'd give out one point for a win and nothing else).

5 players = 12-game season

7 players = 60-game season

9 players = 168-game season

10 players = 252-game season

Notice that it skyrockets the more players there are - I'd put 7 in each league to keep things manageable.

I also would go capitalism style - just set a deadline and the most active players will be the ones that end up with the best records, giving 1 point for a win and tiebreakers for ties.

Assign each team an even number of "home" series in the schedule.

I have NO idea exactly how to do that, but good luck sire :)

I don't really know what to do for playoffs...maybe a single series? However, the incentive for the 0-2 team to tank in game 3 is incredibly high if they are in a "must-lose" situation (which game 3 would be), but that would make for some intriguing scenarios...the player with the lead must win game 3 completely on their own, with a partner who is trying to lose...

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heh i don't understand which problem your solving there

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we really need to get this going in some form. im willing to help out anyway i can, i was thinking of making a simple geocities type site where we can post standings and recent scores ect. the only thing i worry about is people playing their games so we'd have to make the list of participants alot shorter. thinking of just have a single league with just 6 teams (or less?) and a short regular season just determine playoff seeding. im in no position to take over this idea considereing it was habs' idea in the first place, all im saying is im willing to do whatever i can to get this going.

so post any revolutionary ideas you may have and lets see if we can actually get a successful 2on2 league going.

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yea i do like the time schedule idea, i know id commit but not sure we could get 4 people to be on time every time. one idea i was kicking around was have a preseason were we keep score for like a 2 week period and the top whatever number of people with games played would get to be in the league.

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No B league for the new guys? Anyone asked them?

theres not even a A, but if u wanna do a B 2on2 league, go foward

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