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ive been playing some NHL '99 for Nintendo 64 latley. And its not bad, obviously not 94 status but its fun because it has decent graphics and in game strategies. so if anyone wants to try their hand at an exhibtion game of 99 sometime hit me up on AIM.

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So are there N64 emus with netplay nowadays? :o Haven't used any in years... :lol: I prefer 99-00-01 for PC in that case :P

There are a few actually.

Not a fan of anti-aliasing filters but NHL'99 looks great once all of the jaggies (artifacts if anyone's a layman) are smoothed out. Never played it in Kaillera but it's fun for the whole family.

Nintendo Power Tip: It was the last NHL game Mark Lesser worked on.

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Ive got 99 and an emulator with netplay but I sux at it more than 94.

NHL 99 for the Playstation isn't too bad, I still play it from time to time on my PS2. Then again I'm more of a fan of NHL 2004 these days....

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I'm a noobie here, but just want to say that I just checked out NHL99 on an N64 emulator (even though I need a faster computer), and was impressed. I like the quick coaching strategy access, and the hitting reminds me a little of NHL Hitz. A fun arcade style game. It would be cool if someone updated the rom to current rosters. Does an updated rom exist?

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