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Blitz 03 - Season Deadline


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Please get all your games done by Monday, September 21st! Two weeks left.

Having DNPs hurts both your playoff position AND your draft position, so be sure to get your games in, even if you're not making the playoffs.

Games left...


7 - smozoma

2-3 - Freydey32, sonoffett87, canadiensfan66


14 - WagsTh

11 - Rage93

10 - gihtarman

8 - MeatSkid1

8 - rynweinmeyer

6 - philiveyismyhero

1 - Zalex1414

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Dude, we've all been only waiting for you ... xD...

It's not really apropriate to wait... like 2 weeks for 7 games..

There is also the "B" league, and I don't want to just suddenly spring a deadline on people out of nowhere.

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While it is nice to have both seasons finish at the same time, almost everyone in A is in gdl.. I would hope to get this season finished along with 09 before gdl gets into full swing and this gets forgotten

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O hai.

Sorry I haven't been on as much as I should, prior commitments disallowed...bah, who am I kidding, it was a mixture of the cottage and the dreading of getting my ass whooped.

Interestingly enough, I should only have 5 games left, as philivey and I played 3 games the other night. He said he would upload, and frankly my computer's been turdy, so I haven't got savestates, and haven't seen him since we disconnected in the 1st period of the fourth game, when he mysteriously vanished from AIM and Kaillera. Has anyone seen that poor boy? I do miss him.

Anyhow, just wanted to say I'm back and raring to go. And that I will make a bold prediction: Long Island WILL finish 2nd last or higher next season.

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"A" League

The "A" league is now done!

"B" League

"B" league guys, please try to set up times to play your remaining opponents. It would be awesome if we could have 100% completion for the first time.

Farm League

I haven't decided what to do with the Farm league, playoffs-wise. Maybe I'll set up a playoffs for the guys who get some games in... I guess i'll unlock all the games tonight.

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just wondering smoz

what are and how big are the penalties in the standings and draft

it's sort of explained here: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?s=&sh...ost&p=77053

i need to write it up on teh blitz rules page some time

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Wow, really disappointed in how few "B" games were played this week -- i might as well have just started the playoffs last week :cry:

I'll be setting up the playoffs Tuesday evening, so if you can, get some games in tonight.

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