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I kinda like the Ducks. There average score is kinda low but they have some hard hitters out there. A friend who picked that team surprised me a couple of times when we played togetter.

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yea i forgot about sj. it's cool when you tell people you're good with anaheim because they're statisyically the worst team with a 51 overall rating.

Ah s**t...I mean the Sharks...with Kisio and Falloon.

Sorry about that.

I still remember the Ron Bar comments from the Sega CD.

He told me that Kisio might be old or something like that :D

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I love using a couple of these teams, mainly San Jose and Tampa Bay.

My San Jose team usually looks like this:

LW - Garpenlov

C - Berezan

RW - Carter

D - Wilson

D - Peterson (41)

My Tampa Bay team usually looks like this:

LW - Bureau

C - Bradley

RW - Andersson, Kasper, or DiMaio depending on who's having the best day

D - Hamrlik

D - Lipuma

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My pick would have to be Tampa Bay when Bradley is on.

Bradley Rocks!

- Slap Shot shooter

- one timers

- Hits decently

Brad Beers - Not only does he have the coolest last name on the planet, this guy can play.

Tampa Bay all the way.

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Depends on how you would define the category "bad" Teams. There's Anaheim and Florida who are really the bottom of the league, followed by San Jose, Tampa Bay and Ottawa. From the under-average-teams, all the expansion-teams, I would pick San Jose as the strongest contender.

You know like many of you my best friend and me are battling it out in NHL 94 since eternities. After all that time a kind of personal team-rivalries between us developed. When it comes to the weaker teams it's always Anaheim vs. Florida. Mostly it ends in exciting OT-thrillers. Also the player-matchups are great, because you have kind of doubles on both teams. I don't mean it so much in relation to identical stats than the "type" of player". One great allaround-offensive player (at this level) in Terry Yake, on the other side it's Brain Skrudland, one good skating defender with a hard shot in Kasatonov and on the other side Gord Murphy. And the hardcore-crappy players like Bill Lindsay and especially Stu Grimson (if there was fighting the "Grimm-Reaper" would look better for sure...). That are also exiting matchups from are certain point of view. For a while we used to play with saved lines just made out of this wash-outs. Not the fastest games but nevertheless exciting.

But it's hard to compete with them against better teams just because of the goalies. But San Jose, I don't know. I think on a good day I could do some damage even to the upperclass teams with them.

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