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Fall 2009 Classic League Team Selections


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Here are the team selections for the Fall 2009 Classic 94 League being held on NHL94 Online Website:

Teams are listed with the coach's corresponding User Name on the website.


Eastern Conference

Patrick Division

NY Rangers - Prodigyof94

NY Islanders - korovamilkbar

Philadelphia - masterof94

New Jersey - Flamingpavelbure

Adams Division

Montreal - Redwingdevil

Boston - pondhcky1

Quebec - durandal

Washington - houli

Western Conference

Norris Division

Chicago - Chaos

Detroit - BobKudelski26

Buffalo - xot82

Pittsburgh - Volly

Smythe Division

Los Angeles - fenty62

Winnipeg - gihtarman

Vancouver - schwartz

Calgary - sardoc23


Eastern Conference







Western Conference


Dallas- Icestorm NHL94

Los Angeles - masterof94

Winnipeg - Vocally Caged

Vancouver - Flamingpavelbure



Eastern Conference


Buffalo - Houli


Pittsburgh - LegendofNHL94



Western Conference


Los Angeles -RedWingDevil

Chicago - Louie14





Eastern Conference

Patrick Division



Philadelphia - dru31

NY Rangers - beavers33

Adams Division




Montreal-boilerboy1321 Vacancy

Western Conference

Norris Division





Smythe Division

Calgary - sardoc23

Edmonton - MILLERRR

Los Angeles - dcicon5148


We plan on a 40 game schedule for all leagues. Schedule and more information on the season will be released on Friday of this week.

I also plan on opening up the Waiting List later today, so anyone who did not make the deadline and still wishes to play can have a chance to replace a coach who is not playing their games.

New guys, get your test games in!! There are a few who still have not had their connections tested. Please post in this thread for test game requests. The veterans around here can help show you the ropes.

For newcomers, you can download the ROM and emulator from the NHL94 Online website, linked above.

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Since Master of 94 is known for not playing games, and is a rookie in Gens, idk wtf he's doing in the A at the place of Houlanov or Jamonica.

hey TRR,

Jamonica signed up for B and hasn't played in a while so I kept him in B. Houli signed up for the C league. I looked at houli's record in GDL and thought B would be more appropriate for him.

Masterof94 signed up for A. I saw that he played in the genesis capitalism league and went 30-10 or something like that and was at the top of the standings...so I feel he's good enough for A.

If any GENS A player falls to the back of the pack for games played...he'll get replaced and we will grab someone from the B league who wants to play A as well. (Edit: provided there's no A players on the waiting list of course.)

How did I not end up w cgy? I looked and I was the only one who put them as my first selection.

hey carse,

It's a random draw of where you select and what teams have been taken at the time of your pick...and not who you picked first in your list.

I hope this example makes sense.

Coach A has tor, edm, van to start their preference list

Coach B has edm, tor, van to start their preference list

Coach C has edm, LA, tor to start their preference list

coach D has LA, edm, tor to start their preference list

1. Coach D won the random draw and gets first pick and gets LA based on their preference list.

2. Coach B won second pick and gets EDM.

3. Coach C gets third pick...since edmonton and La are both taken...they get Toronto as their third preference.

4. Coach A gets fourth pick...toronto is taken, edmonton is taken so they get vancouver.

So even though Coach A had toronto as their first pick...they ended up with vancouver.

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oh well would've been nice if i got Montreal, but its okay as long as I got Pittsburgh since im actually using that team for practice games against the CPU

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Hum....how were the conferences determined? We have really unfair division =/

The conferences and divisions are determined similar to the way they were when the game was designed. (Well as much as they can be since not all teams are playing in the leagues). There's bound to be a couple teams that are not in the division or conference they are normally in.

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