What are your NHL94 player stats?

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Overall NHL94 rating... 52 63!

you're a motherfluckin' Tony Twist! haha just kiddin'

America, fluck yeah! That was one dumb but funny video I watched on here.

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Bronze league roller hockey - so I compare myself to the league teammates

Number - 20

Position - RW/LW

Handedness - Left

Weight - 185. Trying to get this down again (was as low as 165)

Speed - 3. Getting better. Might change this when I get new wheels.

Agility - 4 - better than my top speed

Off.Awareness - 5. Getting the hang of it.

Def.Awareness - 3. Good PK, good shot blocker, OK at stick checks

Shot Power - 2. No slappers, but my wrist shot isn't bad

Shot Accuracy - 4 - Can't get it top shelf but the accuracy low is getting better.

Checking - 0. No checking in my league.

Fighting - 0. No fighting

Stick Handling - 3. Getting better

Endurance - 5. I don't get gassed as long as we have 2 full forward lines

Roughness - 1. Most of my penalties are bench minors or cracking the playing surface

Passing - 3. Good accuracy, no saucer passes yet.

Aggressiveness - 2. Is this actually in NHL 94?

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Position - G

Handedness - Right glove hand

Weight - 73.5 kgs - What can I say? I'm the hobbit to Terreri, Billington and Essensa's dwarves

Speed - 3 With some training, I may actually skate well...

Agility - 4 Same thing above. That may result from training.

Off.Awareness - 3 More often than not, I'd throw away the puck more than pass it.

Def.Awareness - 4 For the most part, pretty good, but I may miss some shots

Puck Control - 4 Rebounds will happen, but I'll get them all

Fighting - 2 Only when there's a grand melee I don't want to miss out. And even then, I'll hit guys in the gut if they're taller than me

Stick Right - 3 I need a bit of elasticity for that one

Stick Left - 4 Strongest side with the stick. I can do things with it if I stretch out my pads

Glove Right - 5 I'll catch or bat down any shot going my way

Glove Left - 4 I'd need some soccer acrobatics for that one. :lol:

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If i played ice hockey

Position - F

Handedness - Right

Weight - 160

Speed - 4

Agility - 4. I like to think my balance is pretty decent

Off.Awareness - 6. offence is the only way ive played

Def.Awareness - 3. All offence means not much defence... Cant

Shot Power - 2

Checking - 2

Fighting - 2

Stick Handling - 4. Deeefinitely a weak point in my game.

Shooting Accuracy - 4

Endurance - 1. Baaaad cardio

Roughness - 5 what i lack in size i make up for in aggression

Passing - 4

Aggressiveness - 5.

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Position - D

Handedness - Left

Weight - 215

Speed - 2

Agility - 2

Off.Awareness - 3

Def.Awareness - 4

Shot Power - 5

Checking - 5

Fighting - 4

Stick Handling - 2

Shooting Accuracy - 2

Endurance - 3

Roughness - 5

Passing - 3

Aggressiveness - 4

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From my street hockey days:

Position - F

Handedness - Right

Weight - 225 (205 playing weight)

Speed - 4

Agility - 2 (skating not my best quality)

Off.Awareness - 3

Def.Awareness - 3

Shot Power - 3 (at 6'2, should be better, but I could never truly master the art of the slapshot)

Checking - 1 (No checking, but one time my "friend" slammed into the fence behind the net.

Fighting - 0 (never dropped the gloves in a game)

Stick Handling - 4 pretty good, used to use the "move": drag the puck behind me, pass through my legs, past the defender for a great scoring chance. Though, I'd probably be annihilated with that move if we checked.

Shooting Accuracy - 5 (my greatest strength -- I rarely miss the target on my wristers)

Endurance - 1 (5 during playing days -- last one to leave)

Roughness - 2

Passing - 4 (goes along with shooting accuracy)

Aggressiveness - 2

Overall: 63

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Position - F

Handedness - LEFT


Speed - 4 I CAN GO FAST

Agility - 2 BUT DAMN AM I LAZY

Off.Awareness - 5 I KNOW WHERE TO GO

Def.Awareness - 4 I TRAPON



Fighting - 3 COME AT ME BRO

Stick Handling - 5 I GOT DANGLES

Shooting Accuracy - 4 PRETTY SOLID

Endurance - 1 lazzzzy

Roughness - 6 I've stopped enough plays scott stevens style in youth hockey

Passing - 4 it's iight

Aggressiveness - 6 GOON IT UP

Overall: IDK

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One change...

Someone figured out that what we've been calling "aggressiveness" is actually "shoot/pass bias." I.e, if the stat is a 6, the player scores lots of goals, but doesn't get many assists. If the stat is 0, the player gets loads of assists (even if he gets lots of assists..).

Gretzky, Lemieux, and Oates all had 0 bias, because they got loads of assists (even though they also got quite a few goals..).

Gartner had a 5, Bure and Hull had 4.

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As a forward for my ball hockey team, I'm a solid 2nd line winger.

Jersey # - 84

Position - F (usually a LW)

Handedness - Left

Weight - 156. Ya, I'm a small dude.

Speed - 4. Got some wheels, just not the leg span.

Agility - 5. Good balance staying on my feet, moving, adapting, and pivoting.

Off.Awareness - 5. Always looking for offense and seeing the play.

Def.Awareness - 4. Keep my player in check up high, and smart on the PK.

Shot Power - 3. Not much for power, I stick to wristers/dekes.

Checking - 3. Get bumped around sure, but never backing down & holding my ground.

Fighting - 0. Banned in the league.

Stick Handling - 4. A couple good and creative moves to get by & score.

Shooting Accuracy - 4. Just put it on net!

Endurance - 4. Good shape, usually tired but not exhausted.

Roughness Pass/Shot Bias - 3. Pretty even bias, I'll look for a pass first but will shoot on a chance.

Passing - 4. More assist then goals, pretty good at feeding an open man.

Aggressiveness - 2. Taken a few penalties for battles and retaliating.

Overall - 82

I'm also the back-up goaltender for my team when the #1 can't make it to our games.

Also a regular floor & street hockey goalie.

Jersey # - 00

Position - G

Handedness - Left

Weight - 156. I'm 5'7, so I don't take up a lot of net like a Pekka Rinne.

Speed - 4. Solid in moving around the crease.

Agility - 5. Style of Hasek & Thomas in net; I make some desperate/crazy saves lol.

Off.Awareness - 5. I love playing the puck out of crease & passing it up.

Def.Awareness - 4. Rare mental lapses, anticipating the play and shot.

Puck Control - 4. Experienced handing the puck, can get me in trouble sometimes though.

Glove Hand - Lefty.

Stick Right - 4. Right-handed stick in net, good on low, right shots.

Stick Left - 3. Average on low shots on my glove side, not my favored leg.

Glove Right - 4. Blocker is alright, can get beat on angles.

Glove Left - 5. Quick glove for hockey & from playing baseball, which helped.

Overall - 74

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Rather than saying stick right/left or glove right/left, I'll just say high/low.

Position - G
Number - 39
Glove hand - Left
Stick hand - Right
Weight - 212

Speed: 4
Agility: 5
Off Awareness: 6 (play puck and pass like Barrasso)
Def Awareness: 6 (my awareness/positioning leads to saves with the chest)
Puck Control: 6 (no 5-hole goals and excellent rebound control)

Stick low: 6 (unbeatable on low shots)
Stick high: 4 (not bad, but if you time your shot right...)
Glove low: 6 (forget about low shots)
Glove high: 5 (you'll need a darn good shot)

My style of goaltending can best be described as this: stop the puck. I can do the Hasek-like acrobatics when necessary, but those are usually for scrambles in front of the net. For the most part, I play a positional game and play like Brodeur or Belfour in style. The Fuhr-like kick saves or Hasek-like sprawling are only used when necessary. My game is generally about strong positioning, lateral movement and giving the shooter very little to shoot at. The closer one comes to my crease, the more Hasek-like it can be as pucks bounce around and whatnot. Although I do make saves while on my knees, I do not slide around on my knees like Marc-Andre Fleury does in the butterfly. I more or less get back up or make slight sliding movements to make the quick second save and then get back up again. For example, think of Brodeur/Belfour/Bryzgalov.

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This is from my years of inline hockey (with ball, no puck)

Jersey # - 55 ( When I started people said I was built like Daze so i used his number)
Position - F (usually C since i took the faceoffs)
Handedness - Right
Weight - 225
Speed - 4 In the moment of playing I am pretty fast and win most chases to the ball, but just racing forget it.

Agility - 2. I'm 6'6" and all arms and legs.
Off.Awareness - 3. Average I would say for a forward.
Def.Awareness - 5. Regardless of what sport I play I take a lot of pride in playing defense. Pretty good back checker and use my reach well for poke-check and stick-checks.
Shot Power - 2. Little shot power for me. I want to take wristers when i can but mostly looking to pass.
Checking - 0. We had to play the ball.
Fighting - 0. Not allowed
Stick Handling - 4. Decent and this is a good way to take advantage of my height.
Shooting Accuracy - 3. For some reason I can hit 5 hole all day through Ds legs but can't hit top shelf for the life of me.
Endurance - 2. In terrible shape.
Roughness Pass/Shot Bias - 5. Pretty heavy on pass.
Passing - 4. I think my vision is one of best assets so I am more looking to set up others.
Aggressiveness - 0. I'm a perennial Lady Byng candidate.

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My NHL 94 stats:

Name: Slappy McAsshammer

Number: 93

Position: F

Hand: Right

Weight: 188

Speed: 2 (I was a craptastic skater, but I was perfectly fleh at top speed)

Agility: 1 (Randy Wood without the afterburners)

Off Aware: 3 (I either knew where to go or I didnt)

Def Aware: 4 (I'm aware, doesnt mean I was awesome at it though)

Short Power: 3 (When I got into one, it had something behind it)

Shot Acc: 3 (I capitalized on a lot of my shots)

Stick Handling: 3 (My lack of skating really made some of my moves worthless)

Checking: 2 (skating hindered my ability to use the body well)

Endurance: 5 (had to ironman some games)

Passing: 4 (It was typically best for me to dish it off, which I could)

Pass/Shot Bias: 5 (More Gilmour than Andreychuk)

Aggressiveness: 4 (I had a bad attitude when provoked)

My Fifa '94 stats

Jersey # - 93

Position - Midfield
Footness - Right
Weight - 188. Im a fatty for a midfielder.
Speed - 5 (I got plenty of top speed)
Agility - 4 (Agile enough, but not extremely so)
Off.Awareness - 2. (Offense? I dont really know WTF is going on up there)
Def.Awareness - 5. (Most people are lazy and want to score, I pick up there slack)
Shot Power - 6 (The Al Iafrate of the league)
Checking - 5. (I've put more people on their ass in soccer than hockey)
Fighting - 6 (The stereotype is true, most soccer players are little biatches, I get 6 by default)
Footwork- 4 (I work the cycle and corners like Joe Thornton, not flashy, but effective)
Shooting Accuracy - 2 (Hitting the net is optional in my book)
Endurance - 5 (A Box to Box type of midfielder)
Roughness Pass/Shot Bias - 4 (Prefer to pass, but if I get a chance to rip one, get outta the way)
Passing - 5 (I have the full arsenal of passes available at my disposal)
Aggressiveness - 4 (I'm cool and relaxed until provoked. Then I become a monster)

Lesson to take away from this: pick me for your soccer team, not your hockey team.

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Number - 47

Position - D

Handedness - Right
Weight - 196
Speed - 3 -- I can be quick in bursts, but not for an extended period
Agility - 4 -- Skating is probably my strongest suit
Off.Awareness - 3 -- While I can score both in D and F, I'm not as big on it
Def.Awareness - 5 -- It's where I've always played!
Shot Power - 2 -- I'm more of a wrister than slapper
Checking - 4 -- Not a big hitter, but a definite disruptor
Fighting - 2 -- I don't do it often, but it's happened.
Stick Handling - 2 -- Yeah, not great.
Shooting Accuracy - 2 -- My wristers are almost always on target, slappers not at all.
Endurance - 2 -- I sit at a desk too much..
Roughness - 4
Passing - 3 -- Pretty similar to shooting, my passes are wristastic
Pass/shoot Bias - 1 -- I'll feed you!

I'm not sure how to calculate the overall from that, but it's probably like 59.

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If i played ice hockey

Position - F

Handedness - Right

Weight - 160

Speed - 4

Agility - 4. I like to think my balance is pretty decent

Off.Awareness - 6. offence is the only way ive played

Def.Awareness - 3. All offence means not much defence... Cant

Shot Power - 2

Checking - 2

Fighting - 2

Stick Handling - 4. Deeefinitely a weak point in my game.

Shooting Accuracy - 4

Endurance - 1. Baaaad cardio

Roughness - 5 what i lack in size i make up for in aggression

Passing - 4

Aggressiveness - 5.

My real hockey ratings (To scale of an NHL player)

Ps just quoted to see ratings

Position- F

Weight- 105

Speed- 3 or 4

Agility- 4

OA- 5

DA -2

Shot P- 4

Shot A- 5

Checking- 4

Roughness- 3

Endurance- 2

Passing- 3

Stick Handling- 6

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I came across this and thought I'd take a poke at it.

This is based on my dek hockey 'career'. Ice would probably be a bit worse but not awful.

Position - D

Handedness - Right

Weight - 200

Speed - 5. I could keep up with the forwards and still race back before almost anyone could beat me back in my own zone.

Agility - 4. I can bob and weave for sure.

Off.Awareness - 3. I care more about defense but can score when I want to.

Def.Awareness - 6. I've saved slapshots when my goalie was out of position and even dove headfirst a few times(dek hockey, not ice).

Shot Power - 5. I've broken a kid's nose once off a face off with my slapper.

Checking - 3. No check league but I could knock someone on their ass.

Fighting - 0. Fighting's saved for the parking lot(jk)

Stick Handling - 3. I could be better with this but I'd say I'm average

Shooting Accuracy - 5. "Top shelf where mama puts the peanut butter and I hide the porn!"

Endurance - 2. Keep that inhaler nearby.

Roughness - 3. See Checking above

Passing - 5. Very underrated passer.

Aggressiveness - 6. I'm Irish. Nuff said.

Overall: help?

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