NHL '94 15th Anniversary Sim League

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It's hard to believe it's been over a year that I wanted to start this. But, I will be starting up my Sim League soon. This time I intend to follow through and actually complete a full season.

Right now I'm working on a better version of the 15th Anniversary ROM that I released in late '08. After some thought, I decided I kinda half-assed it as far as rosters and lines.

This time I am removing duplicate players, and making the lines more realistic.

NHL '94 Sim League Home Page

Probable Settings:

- Uses Smozoma's Weight and Assist Bug Fixes

- Uses Smozoma's EARE to use NHL '94 Player Cards on a 30 Team ROM

- 50 Game Season

- 10 Minute Periods

- Penalties On, No Offsides

- Auto Line Changes

It will probably be a few more weeks before I start simming games, but I wanted to get the word out to anyone who might be interested in following the stats.


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Sounds sweet. What will you do for it?

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Looks cool.

Will members be able to draft franchises?

Nah, just thinking about having it being a simmed season. Mostly to see how the stats turned out. Nothing special... just an updated rom with the original rosters (minus the dupes)

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Thanks Smoz,

I updated the site link, (created a separate folder for this database), I also added a link to the ROM in the first post.

Thanks to Smozoma for EARE and his bug fixes, Clockwise for teaching me how to edit ROMs, Dmitry for teaching me coding for databases, and as always a special thanks to wboy for starting the editing process with NOSE and his excellence in ROM editing.

Also, just want to say thanks to Evan and the rest of the NHL '94 community. Just goes to show how great the community and its members are. I took some time off, but the itch always comes back.

This isn't much of a contribution as a whole, but hopefully someone will get a kick out checking out the stats the COM puts up.

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Nice to see you around. I'd love to see how this goes, so hopefully you can keep us posted on the results. If it's pretty quick and easy to continue running simulations it would be really neat to use different ROMs or game settings each time. Or even run the same simulation a few times to see how consistent the results are.

Cool stuff!


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