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Hi All,

If there is an error in logging the score, the team that needs to confirm the score is now able to change it. This should make things a lot easier for coaches, where before I would have to manually change the score.

Here is an example on what would happen:

- A game is played : CHI 4 @ DET 3.

- DET (Home) coach logs the game : CHI 5 @ DET 4.

- CHI (Away) notices the mistake, and inserts the correct score : CHI 4 @ DET 3.

- DET (Home) will now need to reconfirm the score by choosing the game on his schedule and entering his password. Once this is done, the game is submitted.

Now, in the rare occurrence that the away team went to correct the score and inserted the wrong score, the home team can change it and the away team would have to reconfirm.

Games that need to be reconfirmed will show up on the schedule as "RECONFIRM".

Also, if the game had been an OT game, and it was not checked by the home team when logging the game, the away team can check OT and the home team would reconfirm it.

Any problems, please let me know.

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