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Here's the idea, let's do a WWF ROYAL RUMBLE tournament.

It's a wrestling game as you must have noticed by now.

It's fairly simple to play and pretty much random (Exept special moves).

It would be 1 on 1 in the Royal Rumble mode, the guy that wins the rumble, or gets outs the latest goes on.

You can play as:

Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage

Papa Shango

And many others!

It would be a pretty fun idea...! anyone interested ?

Number of players is unlimited!

Get the rom at www.coolrom.com.

So anyone in?

Nationals : Shawn Michaels

Houlanov : Razor

Vocally Caged : The Undertaker!

FPB: Papa Shango

Dallas: Brett Hart

Deathbloodx : Crush

Bo: ?

Only one more needed!

Maximum of 12 =D I will take what's left.


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I am so in!

I love WWE

I watch every Monday and Friday and sometimes even buy the payper views

plus look at my avatar... John Cena!

EDIT: I just checked the rom... give me the show stoper HBK Shawn Micheals

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Are the controls at least decent? When does it start?

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Nor many know this, but LONG before he was "Macho Man", he was indeed "Macho King", when he had "Scary Queen" Sherri Martel as his manager.

wow... but I don't think he was ever Macho King in the WWF

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I want to try my hand as the Hulkster.

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