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I finally beat the posted record of 34 goals in a game. I had tied the record twice, once with Buffalo (a long time ago, before I came to these boards) & once recently with Boston. Today, I posted up a 40-1 victory with Boston against Buffalo. Here's the specifics:


Penalties on no offsides

Auto line changes

10 minute periods

Played on real Sega Genesis system, not emulator


70 shots

173 body checks

5/5 on the power play, using 5 shots in 1:09

3/3 on breakaways

A surprising only 1/3 on one-timers (this has to be an all-time low for me)

Only 8 completed passes the whole game (also a low for me)

49 faceoffs won

Vladamir Ruzicka 16 pts. (5 goals, 11 assists)

Dmitri Kvartlanov 9 goals

Adam Oates missed almost the entire 2nd period with an injury. We still scored 18 in the 2nd & Oates still finished with 8 pts & the #3 star of the game.

Crowd peak level 149 dB, average of 119 dB

Unfortunately I don't have a video card for my computer, but I captured the end results screens on my camcorder & will send them when I get a chance to use my father-in-laws computer with a video card.

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Hey Red,

Sounds great, just send over the pics or video when you get a chance and I'll post it on the revamped records page.

I wasn't suprised when I saw Boston as your goal scoring team.


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