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TOURNAMENT I - Signups closed.


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NHL '94


If you want to join the tournament, make a post your AIM screen name and preferred system in this thread.

Below is all the boring stuff, like rules and crap.

Basically, this is a diversion from other leagues and playoffs that you might be having, but we are going to be serious about our games.

Every series is a best-of-5 (until further notice, at least), 2-2-1 format.

Games are 5 min periods, with endless overtime (second overtime must be initiated by starting a new game).

The ROM will be "weight bug" fixed.

There will be seedings to decide who gets home ice in a series, but they will be randomly drawn.

The tournament is divided into three, 2-week-long stages: Registration (one week this time), Preliminaries, and Championships.

When one tournament's Championships begin, the next tournament's Preliminaries begin, and the next tournament after that will begin Registration. For example, on Jan 2nd, we will begin TOURNAMENT II and start registration for TOURNAMENT III.

If you are in the Championships, you cannot be in the next tournament's Preliminaries - this is so you can focus on your current series and gives more players a chance to get into the Championship round.


Registration - until Friday, December 18th

Post in this thread if you would like to be in the tournament.

Preliminaries - Saturday, December 19th to Friday, January 1st

Each player registered in the tournament will be randomly seeded into a single-elimination bracket.

New players and players with demerits on their record will be first to receive "play-ins," if there are any.

You will play your assigned opponent(s) in a 5-game series, with the winner advancing to the next stage.

Inactive players should be reported to the thread every few days.

You may "bypass" inactive players, playing later rounds against prospective opponents in order to remain active.

At the end of the Preliminary phase, the tournament administrator will make a decision on the status of unplayed series.

Benefit of the doubt is given to the more active player.

If neither player in a series appears active or responsive, you may bypass that round completely.

The tournament administrator can decide to retain an unplayed quarterfinal past the deadline, removing them from the

NOTE: Registration for the next tournament will occur during this stage. The next tournament begins at the end of this stage.

Championships - Saturday, January 2nd to Friday, January 15th

The semifinal rounds and final round will be played in this timeframe. FINISH UP!

NOTE: Any players playing in this round are not allowed to play in the concurrent tournament's preliminary round, including "retained" quarterfinalists.

Seeding Stuff

Seedings are done randomly, with one exception.

Each player has a "drop rating," which starts at 1.

If you have a higher drop rating than another player, you are seeded worse than them automatically.

If you are inactive, unresponsive, forfeit a series, or get bypassed over a 2-week round, your drop rating increases by 2.

If not, your drop rating decreases by 1 - your drop rating may go no lower than 0. Drop ratings also decrease when you are not scheduled to play.

NOTE: This is a codification of my act of giving players with a bad track record a worse seeding until they shape up. New players effectively become provisional.

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Here are things that I have not decided:

1) What ROM are we using and how do we decide which team?

a. "Choice" Classic, with the home player selecting the two teams and away player choosing the one they want.

b. "Mirror" Classic, with five different teams which each player plays against each other.

c. Beer League ROM.

d. Other.

e. No preference.

2) Penalties? Offsides?

a. All OFF.

b. Pens ON, Offsides OFF

c. Pens ON, Offsides ON.

d. Pens OFF, Offsides ON (the crazy hack that I made for the last FDL ROM).

e. No preference.

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Penalties ON Offsides OFF

Choice Classic

(Are we using smoz' farm ROM? His is weight bug-free if you're going for that, Metz. Or maybe you'll make one?)

EDIT: Added myself for SNES

Edited by RedWingDevil
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Penalties ON Offsides OFF

Choice Classic

(Are we using smoz' farm ROM? His is weight bug-free if you're going for that, Metz. Or maybe you'll make one?)

It'd be nice to have that step done...but I'm going to make OT 5 minutes long anyways so I've gotta change something.
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Here's a question, Metz:

Can anyone also enter the SNES tourney as well?

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