do something like Madden?

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I was wondering, maybe someone should do a ROM of NHLPA '93 with a legacy version of each team from a really good recent season, sort of like an "NHLPA Hockey '93 Championship Edition" like what EA Sports did with John Madden Football '93.

I have a list of teams that should be added (one historic counterpart per team) (all teams prior to 1992-93)

Boston 1969-70 (Bobby Orr's first Stanley Cup)

Buffalo 1974-75 (First Conference Championship)

Calgary 1988-89 (First Stanley Cup)

Chicago 1960-61 (Most recent Stanley Cup)

Detroit 1954-55 (Most recent Stanley Cup)

Edmonton 1983-84 (First Stanley Cup)

Hartford 1986-87 (Only NHL Division Championship)

Long Island 1981-82 (Best Stanley Cup Year)

Los Angeles 1988-89 (First Wayne Gretzky Season)

Minnesota 1980-81 (First Conference Championship)

Montreal 1985-86 (Most recent Stanley Cup pre-1993)

New Jersey 1987-88 (Conference Runner-up)

New York 1989-90 (Division Champions [not too old])

Ottawa All-Times (Mix of Old Senators teams and 92-93 expansion team)

Philadelphia 1973-74 (First Stanley Cup)

Pittsburgh 1990-91 (First Stanley Cup)

Quebec 1985-86 (First NHL Division Championship)

San Jose 1991-92 (Inagural Year)

St. Louis 1976-77 (First Divisional Championship After 1970's slump)

Tampa Bay (Only Current team, just for the sake of representing each team from the regular NHLPA '93)

Toronto 1966-67 (Last Stanley Cup)

Vancouver 1981-82 (First Conference Championship)

Washington 1988-89 (First Divisional Championship)

Winnipeg 1983-84 (First Playoff Apperance)

All-Stars East All-Times

All-Stars West All-Times

Pretty Good Idea, eh?

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