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GDL Cup 6 Finals Deadline for kgman and jrodimus


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The finals needs to be played before we can start looking into new season.

We had a meeting with GDL board and decided that there will be a new deadline for GDL Cup 6 Finals.

The deadline is 24th of January, 2½ weeks from now.

If by the end of that date the games still aren't played, either player will not be allowed to draft a player in the 1st round of the next GDL season they are about to participate.

The contact information will also be reset. (so kgman you need to ask jrodimus to play again, even if you already have and he didn't reply to you in site)

to kgman and jrodimus: you can only show you are active and try to get the games played if you contact eachother via the league site with its messaging system. If the games aren't played in time, the only way you can avoid not getting the draft penalty is to show you we're clearly trying to get the games played more than your opponent. And if you both clearly try to get the games played and contact eachother actively, the games will be played. It's as simple as that.

For now the penalty is set to the not being allowed to draft in 1st round if the games aren't played in time, but after that a new time period with more penalties is possible.

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what if they dont play til 24 jan

who wins

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I contacted both Jrod and kgman yesterday. I think they were going to get busy with the finals since that was a good chance as any. I hope they sent their games!

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Swos, can we at least get things rolling for GDL 7? Like calling for returning coaches, waiting list, and possibly even startomg draft prior to 1/24?

cmon fella's get er done so we can get rolling with season 7!

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Damn, man. Jrod said he was ready but somehow kgman isn't. He told me on Saturday that the guy was on for 3 minutes and goes up and leaves. It sux.

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