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All-Stars Classic league

All-Stars Classic league?   

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I still have the All-Stars Classic rom since I first downloaded it. It's pretty interesting trying to make plays with players that aren't above 70 in their overall stat and the goalies being between 80-99 in rating, thus denoting their high skills which make us create more plays to score.

I think they're similar to the Sim and Beer leagues, but it looks more manageable, so I want to make a league with this rom and put it in good use. What do you guys think?

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I'll make the rules as people would prefer. There are a few things I'd like to implement if and when they give this league the green light:

* 5-10 minute periods

* Offsides on (I want to try this, even if it's just this league)

* Line changes (In case guys want the 10-minute periods)

* Either team draft or first come-then-served basis (I'm not familiar how to make the draft structure, so I accept pointers on this. I did say teams, not players individually)

* Stat keeping via save states (If I can figure out how to make the uploads like with the GDL and Blitz sties, all the better).

*If previous option isn't feasible, I can use screenshots for each game. (Screenshots must be about the three stars, game stats and player stats) \

*Divisions and conferences will be made in accordance of how many guys will enter this league.

* Win = 2 points Tie = 1 point Loss = 0 (Obviously, 1 point will be added to the winning team in OT)

* 5-period overtime in case the 10-minute period rule is implemented. (Should be default programmed option like in most roms)

For now, that is all. Is there something in particular you'd like me to add?

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