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GDL 7 New Coaches Signup Thread


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GDL is accepting new coaches to replace these 3 teams:



Tampa Bay

Players from the waiting list have until Wednesday January 27th 11:59 PM EST

to signup for the new season in this thread. Coaches are in following order in waiting list:

Mahavishnu - Winnipeg (traded for Chicago with nationals)


orangeblack92 - Tampa Bay

mav - Montreal




So if for example mav signs up and wants to get a team he will get it

if at least one of the 3 before him won't sign up until Wednesday 11:59 PM.

If after Wednesday 11:59 PM there's still teams to be taken, anyone can signup.

It will be handled as first come first served, as long as the player meets the criteria of a GDL player.

When you signup tell also your preference of these teams in order.

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KGman, jrodimus, and habs. They all had plenty of time to sign up and chose not to.

in other words, the 2 finalists and a good vet

errgh gonna be a boring season

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What do you suggest? Giving them another six months? Habs and KG both said they probably weren't playing anyway.

I would say at least giving jrod a little more time.

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Why is Snyder in there? I haven't heard of him popping in since he just had a few games in Classic.

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He expressed his interest to join GDL in the waiting list.

And FPB where do you base your information ? I haven't followed other leagues and players' motivation to play games,

but if you have, show us who and where he haven't been active enough.

If there is history with serious problems to get the games played, that will make us with vocallycaged think and discuss about if the player's criteria matches that of a GDL player.

As with previous seasons we hope to get players ready to replace players who haven't been active, and we will if there is need for it.

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