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GDL 7 Draft Round 12


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Twelfth round starts at Tuesday 5:45 PM EST

You may already pick if it's your turn (one behind you has drafted), but we'll follow the schedule and the next round will only start when it's scheduled unless all players have drafted in previous round.

If you won't be around, PM Vocally Caged a list or have someone else draft for you. If not you will be skipped until the end of the round, at which time a selection will be made for you.

List of available players:

Please don't sort the lists for any other way than Overall rating! It messes up the database.

If you want to sort it how you like, download it to your own computer from File / Download as and use that file.


Tue 5:45 PM EST 12.1 116 Orangeblack Tampa Bay Wregget

Tue 6:00 PM EST 12.2 117 mav Ottawa Norton

Tue 6:15 PM EST 12.3 118 Mahavishnu Chicago Rousell

Tue 6:30 PM EST 12.4 119 IceStorm70 Minnesota Stauber

Tue 6:45 PM EST 12.5 120 shifty556 Los Angeles

Tue 7:00 PM EST 12.6 121 Freydey Quebec Bertheaume

Tue 7:15 PM EST 12.7 122 swos Buffalo Reese

Tue 7:30 AM EST 12.8 123 Carse Toronto LaPointe

Tue 7:45 AM EST 12.9 124 houli Edmonton (trade) Racicot

Tue 8:00 AM EST 12.10 125 BoKnowsNHL94 Oakland

Tue 8:15 AM EST 12.11 126 Vocally Caged San Jose

Tue 8:30 AM EST 12.12 127 Zalex Phoenix Wakaluk

Tue 8:45 AM EST 12.13 128 dcicon5148 New York

Tue 9:00 AM EST 12.14 129 sebe Montreal

Tue 9:15 AM EST 12.15 130 flasox24 Calgary

Tue 9:30 PM EST 12.16 131 mav Ottawa (trade)

Tue 9:45 PM EST 12.17 132 matthurray Pittsburgh

Tue 10:00 PM EST 12.18 133 FlamingPavelBure Anaheim (trade)

Tue 10:15 PM EST 12.19 134 beavers33 Hartford

Tue 10:30 PM EST 12.20 135 donnybrook Oakland

Tue 10:45 PM EST 12.21 136 Iceguy94 Nashville

Tue 11:00 PM EST 12.22 137 hokkee Vancouver

Tue 11:15 PM EST 12.23 138 kupuck19 Washington

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The Nashville Predators use their 12th round pick to select Kevin Dahl.

And I'm done.

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Sens take Jim Waite

take a look see donny

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