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HOW TO: Altering The Net Tiles And Palette


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Save for the color blind, that other part of the goalies equipment, the net posts are black in the original version of NHL'94.


I won't be doing a tutorial on how to create your own net, right now, but here's how to get rid of the old drain pipes and replace them with a red hue.

A whole host of great nets are available, the majority of which were created by Swos and use the the swatch that is shared with the goal line and face off circles, which gives them a pinkish hue.


To change the posts, the palette for the net tiles must be switched from the first rink palette to the 2nd in the hex editor of your choice.

The first hex value in the tiles offset is the palette:
(0) Ice surface, boards, zamboni.
(2) Score board banners, crowd, timer logo.
(4) Home team.
(6) Away team.

000A16C0: value to 2009
000A16C8: value to 2809
000A16D0: value to 2001
000A16D8: value to 2801
000A16E0: value to 200B
000A16E8: value to 280B

Next, the net tiles need to have their colors replaced.

1. Open your rom in Tile Molester> View> Codec> 4bpp linear.

2. Palette> Import From> This File> Offset: 366884> Size: 64> Byte Order: Motorola> Format: 9bpp BGR (Genesis).
NOTE: cycle to the 2nd palette (arrow on the right) in the bottom tool bar after this palette is loaded.

3. Image> Canvas Size: Columns 20, Rows: 1.

4. Navigate (CTRL + G)> Offset: 0007C420.

Expand the canvas to it's full size (2nd arrow, top left in the window) and zoom in with the magnifying glass so you can see all the tiles clearly. Enable tile grid from 'View' in the toolbar.

Your canvas should appear like this:


In the pic above are the net tiles that look contorted in some ungodly position, but this is because the tiles are repeated and mirrored, like the goal gullet, and other rink tiles.

Next, paint the tiles by replacing the colors with the hues from the corresponding swatches:

Green (post) to Red (14).
Yellow (net base) to 2nd gray swatch (3rd).
Dark gray (webbing) to lightest gray color (2nd).

The canvas should resemble this:


Before - After:


As a final note: the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 14th swatch of the second rink palette were adjusted to make the colors lighter.
Be mindful of the fact that this palette is used at various other places in the game, like the scoreboard banners, as previously mentioned.

The same method can be used to create a puck with home team colors by using the 4th palette for the puck, so, when the palette loads, the home teams' colors will appear.
Use the jersey pin striping and lightest pants swatch of the home team palette for one side of the puck, and for the opposite side, use the boot and skate blade; the black and white colors of the puck.

Buffalo home puck:

Calgary home puck:

Hartford home puck:

Edmonton home puck:
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Damn. I never knew about this. Don't be sorry. Now I want to try out that puck thing.

[edit after looks again]

Oh, you mean in the offset for the palette swap eh. That is something that I do not have, but would like to as well.

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