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Re-sizing Gens


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Apart from netplay support, I really dislike the way Gens handles a lot of things, although I'll grin and bear most of it. One thing that really bugs me, however, is the (apparent?) inability to set Gens to a default window size above the piffling 640x480 in the options. Resizing with the mouse every time I start Gens is tedious and distorts the image ratio. Using a maximized window or fullscreen just looks annoying on a 22" TFT.

So, are there any tricks to assigning other default window sizes/resolutions to Gens? (I couldn't see any .ini commands) Otherwise, are there any other emulators that support netplay, give better video options (a la Fusion) and are league-approved?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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kega fusion is the only alternative, its def better with more video options but it seemed to have died out with league use. Because some ppl pushed too hard to force it into lgs a little before its time, its now sadly become extinct.

But with gens, im not sure what ur asking exactly.

Dont see how double clicking the title is tedious... you can press alt+enter for full screen tho I never use this.

Or just stick to maximized screen and goto graphic> stretch (shift+F2) this makes the game take up the whole window. Also in render goto double.

Theres also Gens plus+, I dont use it but there might be some more video options for you there.

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