Season Length & Conference Alignment - Season 2

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  1. 1. Season 2

    • 30 Games
    • 35 Games
    • 40 Games

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Here's the mock up.

Right now teams would play 1/2 of the games against division rivals, another 1/4 against inter-conference non divisional teams, and the last 1/4 against outer-conference opponents.

Other way to go about it is the type of equidistant format where everyone clashes twice; permitting the schedule be 40 games.

Open to any suggestions if you want to post your rendition of the conferences. I trust most have better judgment than myself seeing as I've never played some of the new coaches.


Adams Division


Detroit | Freydey32

Hartford | Bo Knows NHL94

Vancouver | Hokkeefan2

Winnipeg | Sebe

Washington | Carse

Patrick Division


Buffalo | Kupuck19

Philadelphia | Beavers33

New York R. | Dcicon5148

Toronto | Smozoma

Quebec | Tubahero


Norris Division


Chicago | Canadiensfan66

Edmonton | RedWingDevil

Montreal | Angryjay93

New York I. | Kgman

Pittsburgh | Camkneely

Smythe Division


Boston | Donnybrook

Calgary | Wags

Los Angeles | Mav

Minnesota | Zalex

New Jersey | Houlanov

St. Louis | XdeathsbloodX

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i'll take 30 games within my own division thanks :lol: Those divisions need work.. Adams and Norris are like Blitz A-league level divs (AJ and KG in the same div?) and the other's are B.

My vote is for 2 games against everyone, for 40 games, to avoid weak/strong division issues, and have the playoffs as 1v16, 2v15, etc. to avoid the problem of one conference having more teams than the other.

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Looks good ,2 tough divisions and 2 easier ones,so the newer blood actually get a chance to win a division,but i also like the 2 vs everyone idea from smoz

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I like the divisions :lol: but in seriousness fredey, bo, sebe, carse, and hokkee in the same division as opposed to kupuck, dcicon, beavers, smoz and tuba is pretty unbalanced...

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Poor iceguy :lol:

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So uhhhh...... Any way we could set the divions the old school way on this?

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I think that the divisions are fine and everything always evens out in the end. Time to set a start date and get these games under way.

Agreed - played enough exis by now...

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40 games or bust.

lets star ths MF'er already. GOGOGOGOGO

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I voted for 40 games as well.

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The season will be 40 games, 2 games vs each coach.

However, there will be conferences, and the top 8 in each makes the playoffs.

You can see the conferences at (but the coach names aren't on them.. I think jesus will put the coach names on soon, though)

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all i gotta say is when is this gonna start?

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